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Take your coaching career to the next level with Vandana. Vandana is an exceptional feminine WordPress theme, catering to coaches, mentors, therapists, speakers and businesswomen looking to kickstart their website.  

Furthermore, this theme’s versatility makes it a perfect match for all corporate businesses, digital agencies, personal blogs, portfolios, and more. 

If your primary concern is generating leads, then we have you covered. The defined newsletter section with CTAs helps increase the conversion rate and channel traffic to your site.

Vandana features comprehensive customization settings that provide full control over the visual appeal of your site

With a focus on speed, usability, and best SEO practices, Vandana is the perfect theme for your website. Besides, the theme is mobile-friendly to provide a smooth experience across all devices.

Grow your social media followers and provide exposure to your site using the social media integration feature. Likewise, the sticky social media icons allow your users to share the posts to their social media accounts easily.

This theme comes with several predefined sections such as Services, Portfolio, About, Process, Testimonials and more to highlight you and your goals. 

Similarly, addressing a broader reach of people is easy with its multilingual compatibility.    

Vandana is for you if:

  • You want to create a fantastic WordPress blog without writing a single line of code.
  • You want to start coaching, consulting, or service selling website.
  • You want to easily customize your blog (change the look and feel in a few clicks) and have a unique online presence.
  • You want to get a mobile-friendly and user-friendly website template that’s suitable for all screens.
  • Grow your email subscribers and build your list with the strategically placed newsletter section.
  • Flaunt your Instagram collection and increase followers with a built-in Instagram section.
  • Enjoy a Schema-friendly, SEO-friendly, and speed-optimized WordPress website.
  • You want world-class, one-on-one support from an enthusiastic team of developers and designers.

Features of Vandana

Vandana comes with easily customizable top-notch features making your website look equally elegant and easy to use. Here are the features of Vandana WordPress theme:

Easily Change Theme Color

With unlimited color options, the only limit is your creativity. You can choose from the infinite colors and adjust the look and feel of your website as desired. Easily pick the primary, secondary, background color, and notification bar color with just a click.

Choose from 900+ Google Fonts

Fonts play a crucial role in the appearance of your website. Choose from more than 900+ Google Fonts as per your preference, style, and brand.

Typography Control

With this theme, you are free to customize and pick your desired font and adjust its size. Along with the primary and secondary font and size control, Vandana also comes with settings for headings (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6).

Custom Site Logo with Size Control

You don’t need to worry about your logo size. Easily upload your logo and adjust your logo size to fit the header using the built-in logo size control perfectly.

Gorgeous Responsive/ Mobile Friendly Design

Vandana is fully responsive and mobile-friendly. This way, it automatically adjusts to all the screen sizes. We’ve made sure your site looks equally appealing from every device.

One-Click Demo Import

Kickstart your website and get it running in no time. You can choose from the ready-made demo content and settings and import it with just a click.

Easy-to-use Theme Settings Panel with Live Preview

With the easy-to-use theme settings panel, easily fine-tune your website and customize your site’s visual appeal. Also, you can easily preview the changes in real-time without saving it before making it live.

Pre-made Multiple Unique Layouts

Vandana includes multiple layouts for different sections to create a unique design. You can combine different layouts as per your requirement and create many unique designs.

8 Header Layouts

Vandana theme allows you to choose from 8 different header layouts. You get the flexibility to select the header that best matches your logo.

4 Single Post Layouts

There are 4 single post layouts to display your post attractively. With the ability to choose different layouts for each post, you can combine layouts to appeal to your post.

3 Slider Layouts

This theme features 3 different slider layouts to display your posts, which allows you to choose a suitable layout to keep your viewers engaged.

3 Static Banner Layouts

With Vandana, you can attract your potential customers by choosing from 3 different static banner layouts.

3 Blog Page Layouts

Vandana offers 3 different blog page layouts to choose from. Each layout is designed to display your blog posts elegantly.

3 Archive Layouts

Just like the blog page layouts, you get 3 similar Archive layouts for your archive pages. Choose the layout that works best for you.

4 Pagination Style

Add to your user experience and page appeal with 4 different pagination styles. You can choose between Older/Newer, Numbered (1,2,3…), Auto Post Load with Load More button or use Auto Infinite Scroll to automatically load your posts on scroll.

3 About Section Layouts

Vandana allows you to choose from 3 different section layouts to introduce yourself to the customers. Each layout is designed to keep you in focus and grab their attention.

2 Call To Action Layouts

With this theme, you get 2 different layouts for Call to Action. Play around with the layouts and use the one that works best for you.

5 Services Section Layouts

Service section is the most viewed section of your website. So, the right layout can immensely impact your customers. With Vandana, you get to choose from 5 different services section layout to showcase your services.  

3 Portfolio Section Layouts

A portfolio covers a lot of bases. Equipped with 3 different portfolio section layouts, you can choose to display your work professionally.

4 Testimonials Section Layouts

With Vandana, you get 4 different testimonial section layouts to display your clients’ testimonials. Share your client’s valuable feedback and turn your visitors’ into your customers.

4 Process Section Layouts

Elegantly showcase the behind-the-scenes work by choosing from 4 beautiful process section layouts.

4 Blog Section Layouts

Blogging is storytelling, and excellent blog design is integral for creating a lasting impression on your readers. You can creatively choose to display your blog section in 4 different styles with Vandana.

Gutenberg Compatible

Vandana is Gutenberg compatible. Simply use the default WordPress blocks and experiment to give a unique look for your post or pages.

Optimized for Speed and Performance

Speed and performance play an essential role in keeping your potential customers. To help you stand out from your competitors, Vandana is best optimized for speed, which adds to the smooth user experience.

Search Engine Optimized(SEO)

Vandana is SEO optimized. It makes sure that Google search engines easily crawl the content on your website. It further helps to boost your site rank and index on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Notification Bar to Grab Your Visitors’ Attention

A notification bar is an effective way to garner your visitor’s attention. It can quickly draw attention without drawing your visitors away from the primary content on a page. 

4 Customizable Banner Options

Vandana provides you 4 different banner options to display your content and highlight your services.

Static Image/Video with Call-to-Action (CTA)

Add a static image or a video in the banner section along with a Call-to-Action button and redirect your viewers to your desired post or page.

Static Image/Video with Newsletter

Vandana comes with the flexibility to place a newsletter form in the banner section to make it easy for visitors to subscribe to your blog.

Static Image/Video with Appointment

Add a static image or a video alongside a Book an Appointment form on the banner section.

Smooth and Attractive Banners as Slider with Advanced Controls

With Vandana, you can display your latest posts, desired pages, select a specific category to view posts, or even create your custom sliders. Besides, the slider also includes advanced controls like slider loop, animation, and more.

Client Logo Section

This section allows you to display the logos of your affiliate companies or clients. 

Unlimited Featured Boxes

In the featured space, you can add unlimited featured boxes. You can choose to feature relevant posts, photos, pages, or categories.

About Section to Display Your Bio

Introduce yourself to your clients and share your story through the well-defined About section. You can also display your stats and embed video.

Services Section to Display Your Expertise

Highlight your expertise through the well-defined service section. It lets you showcase all your services and projects to your potential customers.

Testimonial Section

Through the testimonial section, you can display your satisfied clients and their reviews. It helps to establish trust and credibility amongst potential customers.

Process Section to Display Steps

Display your working procedure and the process involved in a few steps. It helps in creating an effective display and making your customer familiar with how the process works.

Blog Section

Express yourself to the world through the Blog section. You can keep your visitors updated with the latest news, stories, events, and more in your field through the section.

Contact Section

The contact section for Vandana displays different essential contact details to reach you for business and queries.

Easily Sortable Home Page Sections

Vandana has several homepage sections that you can sort, reorder or hide as per your requirement

One Page Navigation

You can create a one-page website with Vandana. With a one page website, you can provide the required information about your business, all on a single page.

Grow Your Subscribers with Newsletter Section

The strategically placed newsletter section helps you generate leads and bring in more traffic. 

Display Your Instagram Feed

Vandana features a distinct Instagram section where you can flaunt your Instagram account and grow followers. 

Customizer Search

Easily search the options with a customizer through a single search box. You can easily place your search and find it promptly without any hassle.

Author Bio on Sidebar

Introduce yourself to your visitors through an impressive Author Bio section on the sidebar. You can add your photo along with a short description of yourself. You can also upload your signature and link your social media profiles.

Add Your Custom Signature

Add a personal touch to your blog post with your signature. You can embed your signature at the end of every post along with your social media profiles.

Smart Images Loading for SEO

The lazy loading feature specifically boosts your site speed and improves user experience. The images load only when your visitors scroll down to a particular section.

Enable/Disable Automatic Image Crop

Are you concerned about the way your images display on your site? The built-in toggles allow you to display all your images exactly how you want them with or without cropping.

Footer Copyright Editor

This theme allows you to edit or add the footer credit on your website pages. It also includes a shortcode that immediately updates the current year in the footer.

About Page Template

In the About Page template, you can describe your company, how it started, and make your audiences familiar with your company.

Service Page Template

Show the services you offer so that the users can quickly identify with the type of services they are looking for using the stunningly designed service page template.

Pricing Page Template

Showcase your services and packages to your customers alongside the allotted price for it using a pricing page template.

Contact Page Template

Display all the essential contact details such as maps, addresses, phone numbers, and stay in touch with your visitors with a contact page template.

Portfolio Page Template

If you want to share your portfolios, you can easily do so with the built-in portfolio template.

Footer Menu

In the footer menu, you can include your privacy policy, disclaimer, terms and conditions, and more.

Built-in Google Analytics Settings

Vandana comes with a built-in Google analytics setting. Google Analytics helps you track your web traffic. You can directly add your Google Analytics code in the customizer and get rid of an extra plugin for this purpose.

Social Media Integration

Social media integration allows users to link and share posts via different social media apps. It helps in providing exposure to your site and creating a long term relationship with your customers. Vandana supports Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Russian and Chinese social media apps like OK, VK, Zing, and others.

Social Share for Your Posts

Vandana also features sticky social shares placed on your blog posts. It allows your visitors to quickly share your blog posts to their social media with just a click.

Built-in SEO Settings

This theme features some basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) settings. You can enable Breadcrumbs and show the last updated date of your post. You may feel the last updated date is unnecessary, but it is essential for a higher ranking of your site on Google.

Lightbox for Images

The Lightbox feature for images helps to display the photos efficiently without putting much strain on the eye. It allows the user to open an image by filling the screen and dimming out the rest of the web page.

Sticky/Floating Menu

You can choose to set your main navigation menu, either to be sticky or floating. This ensures easy navigation, and your visitors can access it all the time.

Sticky Widget

You get a sticky widget option for the sidebar. The last widget of the sidebar can be made sticky. You can use this to display CTA(Call-to-Action) buttons and increase conversions.

Post Excerpt

Let your viewers know the summary of your post with post excerpts. Use this feature to attract viewers and keep them engaged. You get to display your post excerpts within 100 words.

Related Posts of the Category or Tags

Get more engagement on your site by displaying related posts of the same category or tags. You can view it as the post at the end of the single post.

Comment Section Toggle

Easily toggle the comment section to display at the end of your article with Vandana. It makes it easier for your readers to comment without any hassle.

Drop Cap

Drop Cap adds to the aesthetic of your blog. It allows you to capitalize the first letter of your every post.

Back to Top button

Easy navigation adds to the smooth user experience. The Back-to-Top button allows you to navigate quickly to the top without having to scroll back.

Widgets Ready

No need to compromise with the design of your theme while adding widgets. Vandana is optimized for widgets to design and customize your blog in a unique way easily.

22 Customizable Widgets

Vandana features 22 highly customizable useful widgets. The widgets available on the theme are:

  • Blossom: Advertisement
  • Blossom: Author Bio
  • Blossom: Custom Categories
  • Blossom: Facebook Page
  • Blossom: Image Text
  • Blossom: Pinterest
  • Blossom: Popular Post
  • Blossom: Posts Category Slider
  • Blossom: Recent Post
  • Blossom: Snapchat
  • Blossom: Social Media
  • Blossom: Twitter Feed

Unlimited Sidebar Options

An unlimited sidebar option lets you create unique sidebars for your posts and pages, include widgets, and add tons of features to your site.

Unlimited Background Options

Easily choose any image, pattern, or color and set it as the background for your website. The theme include 63 unique background patterns to choose from.

Performance Settings

With the built-in performance settings, you can choose to make your site faster and provide your visitor with the best user experience.

Landing Page Template

Vandana includes a landing page template. You can use this template to create attractive landing pages and channel the traffic to your site.

Easily Reset Customizer Settings

 The theme has easy Customizer Reset functionality. If something goes wrong with the Customizer, reset it to start over.

Cross-Browser Compatible

With cross-browser compatibility, your website works equally well in all major browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more.

Easy Legibility 

Vandana features easy legibility, making it effortless for your audience to read your content easily.

Schema Friendly

Schema is essential for higher ranking on search engines like Google. Vandana comes with the best Schema integration practices. This way, search engines reach and index your website faster.

RTL Scripts Ready

Do you use Right-To-Left (RTL) scripts like Arabic and Hebrew? With Vandana, you can confidently write content, even in RTL scripts.

Translation Ready

Our theme supports localization. So, you can easily translate Vandana in any language using the .po file. 

Polylang Compatible (Multi-language)

The theme is compatible with the popular multi-language WordPress plugin Polylang. It allows you to translate your site in different languages to create a multilingual website.

WPML Compatible (Multi-language)

Additionally, this theme also supports WPMLplugin that allows you to choose a multi-language plugin to create a multilingual blog and reach a broader range of audiences.

Regular Updates with Feature Enhancements

Our themes are regularly updated to WordPress’s latest version to keep your site secure from the possible vulnerabilities. 

Custom CSS

Using custom CSS, you can easily modify some sections as per your preference.

Clean Codes

Our theme comes with clean, commented, and well- organized codes. If you wish to edit codes and make changes, you can easily do that as well.

Extensive & Beginner Friendly Documentation

Our comprehensive and easy-to-follow step-by-step documentation will guide you by setting up your website in no time.

Top-notch Quick and Friendly Support

Our support team is always here to address your confusion, queries, and ideas. Contact our friendly support team and get quick assistance regarding the theme.


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  • This theme is very beautiful

    I download this theme for my WordPress blog and like it very much. It is wonderful and versatile. Also, the support ( Raj) is very helpful and always does the best to help me.
    Thanks very much for the Blossom team.

  • Very helpful costumer service

    Shila was very helpful and professional every time I contacted her, she has helped me a lot in customizing my website. Thank you very much!

  • Great theme and support team

    I just recently started using this theme, one with Lite and one with Pro versions.
    It is very easy to customize and looks great, even for a beginner. Also, I had a technical issue and asked for help, and got a response within 3 minutes! I was really taken by surprise.
    I am still in early phase to properly review this theme, but so far I am very happy with it!

  • Lovely theme (Vandana) with many possibilities

    Although I used another Blossom Themes template (free version) for more than a year, when I decided to choose the paid version I chose Vandana.
    I love all the different possibilities.

    The free Blossom Themes have many options too, yet I was flabbergasted to see how much more the paid version has.

    The only thing is that I don’t like Elementor. For certain adaptations you need the paid version (I tried and hated it immediately… but that is me 🙂 ), so I finally decided not to make those but other adaptations.

  • The best themes and customer support ever!

    I cannot stress enough how happy I am with getting a blossom theme! The website is fast and responsive, the theme is amazing and easy to use & navigate, and the customer support is the best I have ever experienced. They always reply fast and help with any request I have. I would give Blossom Themes 10 stars if I could. Thanks so much for all your hard work! Ivana x

  • Excellent theme, excellent support

    I re-did both of my websites. For the first one I used a different (non-Blossom theme) and it turned out to be so full of bugs and problems I ended up spending a small fortune paying someone to fix it all. For the second site I used a Blossom theme, and it has been so great!!! It was so easy and smooth, and made me realize just how messed up the other theme was. I had a couple questions and the support from Blossom themes has been fantastic. Thank you so much! I only wish I knew about you sooner….

  • Very good Support

    I’m a real newby with making a website. Vandana theme help me to make aan good looking website for which I’m proud of.
    And the support-unit of Blossomthemes is PERFECT!
    All my (stupid 🙂 ) questions are answered en resolved in no time! Keep going the good work Shila!

  • Vandanatastic !

    Beautiful theme and easy to use even for a newbie as I am. I didnt finish yet my website, but I am helped by the support team and everything is going very smooth. I would recommend them highly !

  • Saved A Bundle of $$$$

    I am a novice when it comes to websites. When I first contacted support, I had no idea what to expect. Support to some companies seems to be just one more way to milk the customer. That’s not what I found here. I purchased a product, and these folks wanted to make sure I knew how to use it, not only providing instructions, but at appropriate times actually doing the work. It’s given my site unlimited opportunities.

    It’s made me more confident in working on my sites and established a good rapport with my support contact.

    Thank you, Subham Tamang.

  • Finally Have the Website I've Wanted!

    I’ve been procrastinating on updating my website for ages. I didn’t know where to start or who to call for help and it felt completely overwhelming. Then I found Blossom Themes and it was like stepping on a fast-moving conveyor belt. I could actually relax and enjoy the ride! My old site was migrated to the new theme without any glitches and the process was SO user-friendly, intuitive, creative, and fun. The theme is gorgeous and has all the bells and whistles I imagined. The customer support is outstanding. I can’t say enough about Nabin’s helpfulness and patience, not only with building the new site but educating me along the way. I highly recommend Blossom Themes!

  • Awesome

    My website turned out EXACTLY how I had pictured. Not only did it turn out perfectly, but the turn around time was less than a week! Actually, it was THREE days! To completely redo my website into my dream website. Nabin was absolutely awesome and kept asking me what I thought/what I wanted so that he could make sure he was doing things exactly as I had wanted. He was very patient with me when I was not understanding things and when he had to explain things to me. I love the theme, I love the support, I love how fast it was and all for a price that did not break the bank. Definitely recommend.

  • Vandana is a fantastic theme. I am in love of my new site!

    Two years ago, I found Blossom and immediately settled on the Pro Blossom Coach theme. For me, it was the perfect theme to develop my practice as a Health and Life Coach online. However, the Vandana theme recently came up, and I was ready to update my site. Nabin gave me a tour of the new theme’s features, and I loved it. So, right away, we started preparing for the transition. Nabin provided excellent service, and today my website is a dream come true. I am incredibly proud and happy to have worked with Blossom Themes. I am now a member of the club and have all the benefits, including technical assistance and support. If you are a coach like me, this is the best theme of all! But there are more themes to suit any need. I highly recommend Blossom Themes, and it comes with excellent customer service.

  • Love the Vandana theme and the excellent customer support

    I recently needed to update my Wordpress website theme from the one I started with 5 years ago. After quite a search I came across the Vandana theme and knew it had the right look and the functionality I needed for my coaching website. I built my own site 5 years ago and have managed it myself, so I have some skills but no coding experience. Vandana was easy to set up with my current website’s content on a staging site, and then move to production. As always wit something new, there were some tweaks needed and places I needed assistance. Nabin in customer support responded very quickly to all my questions and helped with guidance and fixes where needed. I love my new site, and I know my clients and potential new clients will too!

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