Websites We’ve Built For Our Customers

Websites We’ve Built For Our Customers

Our customers have successfully launched their online businesses and generated more leads with our help. Here is an example of a website we created. It’s one of the many stunning and professional websites we’ve built over the years for our loving customers.

If you have reservations, read this.

Before I came to Blossom themes I had worked with female in Australia who runs a business creating websites for coaches and counsellors. It looked legit so I spent $3000 dollars for her team to create a template site and another $650 on her copy writer to re-write my site content. I was promised completion of my site within 14 business days. 3 months later…my site was still not complete. Long story short, I needed a website but was scared to trust anyone after my experience.

I bought the Blossom Coach Pro with the intention to create a website by myself but realized I just didn’t have the time to work on it and figure out the little details. I spoke with Nabin who reassured me the project would be completed in 7 business days and I would pay half upfront and the other half when complete. I reluctantly trusted him and I’m so glad I did!!

1. Nabin reviewed my copywriters content and made suggestions for how he would incorporate the content on my site. (From the beginning he seemed to really know how to catch a readers attention and convert them into sales).
2. Nabin created a website EXACTLY how I wanted it to look and any suggestions I made, he was able to incorporate it.
3. Nabin worked on my site over the weekend and contacted me within 2 days to review the changes (he worked extra hard knowing my experience and reservations).
4. Nabin promptly responded to all of my emails at anytime of the day (I don’t think he sleeps).
5. Nabin was so kind and patient during every interaction we had and was able to provide solutions every time. He certainly is knowledgably and wonderful at his job.

I’m so happy I found Blossom themes and Nabin. He bent over backwards to ease my concerns and easily built my trust. If only I found him sooner. I already have another project in my mind for down the road and I can guarantee I will be hiring Nabin again. Thank you for all your support, I really can’t thank you enough!

Samantha Richard
Certified Canadian Counsellor & Certified Life Coach
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Tara Whitaker
Book Editor and Business Coach for Freelance Editors
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Melissa Scandariato
Licensed Travel Agency Owner
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Carly Rae
Harvard Student. Influencer. Writer. Book Blogger.
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Saskia de Badts
Certified Health Coach, Author and Speaker
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Troy Francis
Dating and Relationship Coach
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Mentor, Course creator, Author, Shamanic Healer
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Jack Kirnan
Certified Executive, Leadership, and Career Coach
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Karen Viesta
Health and Wellness Coach
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Erin King
Certified ADHD Coach
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Tonya Steel
Financial Management Architect & Coach
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Kara Alloway
TV Personality, Writer, Producer
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Manja Podratz
Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
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Tammy Letherer
Writing Coach and Award Winning Author
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Tammie Day
Retreat Facilitator and Tour Operator
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Sharon Hughes
Founder of Confidence Academy.
Sharon's Website
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Marsha Gill
Founder of
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Lisa Snyder
Founder of Collegiate Success
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Christine Michel Carter
Best Selling Author of MOM AF
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Tawnya Schultz
Founder of Intentional Finance Co.
Adalyd YouTube Thumbnail
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Adalyd Gracia
Founder of
Adalyd's Website
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Tanya Higgin
Founder of Emerald Day Spa
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Sharon Rg
Certified Meditation Coach/Facilitator
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Corrie Gallant
Owner / Award Winning Esthetician
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Melanie Hicks
Forbes Business Development Council
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Tamara Kolton
Psychologist, Author and Feminine Mythologist

Blossom Themes and Nabin were absolutely incredible from the start

I had been researching and talking to website developers for six months prior; honestly just frustrated and not even excited about creating a website. I kept getting pulled and pushed into directions I did not want my business to go or just quoted insanely high prices. Blossom Themes was recommended to me by a friend, and I truly could not be happier with my custom website.

I was impressed with Nabin from the very beginning with his patience and dedication to understanding my business, what I offer, and what direction I want to go in in the future. He asked me questions no other developer had asked and suggested things that were absolutely perfect for my site. I finally found who and what I had been looking for regarding my new site.

As we went through the design, I again was impressed by Nabin’s patience (I travel for a living, and some months were crazier than others) and just amazed at the beautiful site he and his team were creating. He was organized, thorough, and excellent at responding to my feedback, and he suggested things I had not thought of initially with the site.

I am confident going forward in my business due to the beautiful website Nabin and his team created. I highly recommend Nabin and Blossom Themes to anyone needing a website, and you will not be disappointed.

Erica Breen
International Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Holistic Nutritionist

I highly recommend Blossom Themes

When I decided to have a website, I looked at sites designed for accountants and bookkeepers, but in the end, I decided that I wanted a site designed for an excellent visitor experience, and I needed 4 things for that to happen:

1. My message had to be clear, so I wanted a site that didn’t speak over my client’s heads.

2. Visitors should know exactly what I do, and the services I provide within seconds of landing on my home page.

3. I wanted an easy way for visitors to contact me without searching my pages.

4. The site needed to be inviting, comfortable, and friendly because it’s an extension of my office.

Nabin of Blossom Themes did all of that for me and made my site pretty. It has been a pleasure working with Nabin. He was professional, patient, and kind and I needed that – because even though it was at the early stages of my business, I decided to build a site during tax season.

I teach and coach business owners and bookkeepers how to use QuickBooks Online. I also setup, catchup, and cleanup QuickBooks Online accounts. My business is Clarisse Jackson Bookkeeping, and I am located at

I love my site! I’m excited and happy to share my site with everyone. I trust and believe it will attract future clients while I’m busy working with my current clients.

It has already proven its worth because it had helped a client decide to work with me. I highly recommend Blossom Themes.

Clarisse Jackson
Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

I highly recommend Blossom Themes

Before I found Blossom Themes I was really struggling to find the right website for my service-based business. I’ve been using the Blossom Coach Pro theme for over a year now and I absolutely love it. In the beginning, I designed the layout of my site using the tutorials, but I decided to step it up a notch and contacted support. Nabin was super helpful and knowledgeable about my revamp. He made my website content and functionalities easier to read, user-friendly, and with SEO. 

Since the revamp my website traffic has increased and I have gained more leads. The support team is very polite, resourceful, and professional. Thank you guys so much.

Sherrie Farrar
Coach. Author. Speaker.
Jule's Website

Amazing Product & Service *****

Nabin is amazing, very knowledgeable and communicates in a way that you can easily follow his instructions. I am very happy with my Blossom Theme “Seva” and it looks fantastic. The training I was provided with will see me able to make changes and additions as needed. So much better than my previous website developer where it cost me 5 times as much and no after sales service. Nabin managed to do in 4 weeks what the previous developer took 10 months. Can’t recommended the highly enough. Thanks Again…. Jules
Jules Walters
Custom Candle Gold Coast

Helpful support and advice

I’ve been surprised from the start with the quality of support with Blossom themes. After wrestling with my website layout and display on my own, I was sceptical about their additional services with web design. However, Nabin is honest, genuine and professional, and he knows his stuff. He has an eye for detail and delivers completed work promptly and efficiently. No doubt, I will be contacting Nabin and Blossom Themes again soon for more advice and support.
Leonie Satori
Naturopath & Herbalist
Leonie's Website

Wonderful Support and Wonderful Theme- Exactly What We Were Looking For!

We realized during quarantine it was time to update our website and make it a place people could actually visit and navigate. We had months of recipes we had been working on that were completely lost on our old website. Looking for a theme that would allow people to easily navigate our recipes and simultaneously host our blog, we found the Blossom Cookery theme. We really loved the theme, but had no idea where to begin to migrate our site over. We reached out for support and were connected with Nabin. Nabin was prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and above all else really listened to what we were looking for in our website. He paid attention to what was important to us and put it together exactly the way we were hoping. We appreciated the in-depth training and his patience with all of our questions. We absolutely love our new website and are so excited to share our content. Thank you so much to Nabin and Blossom Themes for helping bring our vision to life!
Amy Kolquist
Food and Travel Blogger

Finally Have the Website I've Wanted!

I’ve been procrastinating on updating my website for ages. I didn’t know where to start or who to call for help and it felt completely overwhelming. Then I found Blossom Themes and it was like stepping on a fast-moving conveyor belt. I could actually relax and enjoy the ride! My old site was migrated to the new theme without any glitches and the process was SO user-friendly, intuitive, creative, and fun. The theme is gorgeous and has all the bells and whistles I imagined. The customer support is outstanding. I can’t say enough about Nabin’s helpfulness and patience, not only with building the new site but educating me along the way. I highly recommend Blossom Themes!
Tammy Letherer
Author and Writing Coach

I highly recommend Blossom Themes

I highly recommend Blossom Themes and in particular, Nabin who helped me to make my website look lovely. He went over and above the requirement and walked me through how I could make my own edits to the theme. I recommend Blossom Themes without reservation.
Aileen Lane
Certified Colour and Image Consultant

Blossom Team Goes Above and Beyond

I have nothing but praise for this wonderful team. I worked with Nabin, and from the beginning, he walked me through how the theme would promote my coaching ideas. He honed in on my specialty and transformed my blog into a beautifully streamlined coaching site. I am so grateful!
Mysty Pfeffer
Author and Writing Coach

Beautiful Themes and Amazing Customer Support!

I had the pleasure of working with Nabin. He took all the information I provided and gave me a beautiful and functional website. He recommended certain elements and then showed me step by step how to update them when needed. The ongoing support is outstanding and timely. Can’t say enough about Blossom Themes and Nabin!
Octavia Dingle
Strategist and Founder

Great Experience

Nabin recommended Seva Pro for my yoga studio. The functionality of this theme is great and my website is gorgeous. My website is integrated with a business management software service and it works perfectly. Blossom Themes professionalism and support is excellent. I highly recommend!
Bonnie Gruppen
President of JOHY

Just What I was Looking For!

I first started building my website on a different platform from wordpress, and I wasn’t satisfied with the way it looked. So I googled “best themes for coaches”. When I found Blossom Themes, it was just what I was looking for!

My only challenge was that I loved so many of the themes I was having a hard time picking which one to use. In the end, I went with Blossom Coach Pro and worked with Nabin to launch my website.

His support was so professional and I loved his design expertise and help. Now I have a site that I’m proud of, and I would definitely recommend Blossom Themes to other coaches.

Prompt and Friendly Support for a Great Theme!

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my new Blossom Theme. I had a free theme installed on my site and had been dreading changing things over. I reached out to support to see if Theme Installation and Setup would cover keeping my existing content up and they were quick to respond. I purchased the package at night (EST time) and my new theme was installed and ready for me to customize the next morning. Beautiful, great documentation for working in the theme yourself, and INCREDIBLE support.
Maryellen Dance
Licensed Mental Health Therapist

Repeat Customer - Still their biggest fan!

I had such a great experience working with Nabin on my company website that there was no question I would come back to them to build my author website as well. They are professional, courteous, and proficient. They bend over backwards to train you on all elements of your site so you feel like a pro navigating updates and changes on your own later. I could not recommend this team more highly. If there were more than 5 stars I would give them all available!
Melanie Hicks
Forbes Business Development Council

Amazing customer service and design

As a blogger I had a hard time finding a design that was beautiful but also included all the sections to display everything I wanted.

Setting it up was beyond easy due to the team and super fast! I had a few questions afterwards and they have been amazing helping me make sure the site is up and running well.

Highly recommend!!
Nicole Ellis
Celebrity Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Great Theme, Even Better Support

Best purchase for my blog! Before purchasing the Blossom Travel Pro Theme I did not have any prior knowledge about blogging. This is all new to me but the Blossom Themes Team made it very easy! The setup process was very detailed and we met multiple times so I could describe what I was looking for while they created my dream blog.

Tutorials: I really appreciated all the tutorials and training videos that came with the purchase. I look back at the recorded zooms and tutorials on YouTube all the time, it is very helpful when editing and updating my blog. Blossom Travel Pro Theme is very easy to edit and customize in WordPress.

Support: The support team is great, I worked specifically with Nabin and he was very quick to response and provide answers and solutions to my questions.

I highly recommend purchasing your WordPress theme through Blossom Themes, they are great to work with, listen to what you want and help you customize your blog, and provide quick and easy support.

10/10 recommend. Thanks!
Sierra Buko
Travel Blogger

Vandana is a fantastic theme. I am in love of my new site!

Two years ago, I found Blossom and immediately settled on the Pro Blossom Coach theme. For me, it was the perfect theme to develop my practice as a Health and Life Coach online. However, the Vandana theme recently came up, and I was ready to update my site. Nabin gave me a tour of the new theme’s features, and I loved it. So, right away, we started preparing for the transition. Nabin provided excellent service, and today my website is a dream come true. I am incredibly proud and happy to have worked with Blossom Themes. I am now a member of the club and have all the benefits, including technical assistance and support. If you are a coach like me, this is the best theme of all! But there are more themes to suit any need. I highly recommend Blossom Themes, and it comes with excellent customer service.
Dr. Angela Gala Gonzalez
Founder and Owner of Dr. Gala Health Coaching

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