Media Temple Coupon Code 2022- 30% Discount!

Media Temple Coupon

Media Temple is a premium web hosting service with diverse packages for all. Besides the incredible service, we have some good news.

Use our Media Temple coupon code for a discount of 30%. Now, you’re even closer to your dream hosting solution.

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You’re probably excited to build your first website in 2022 with this impressive hosting platform. But along with the excitement, you’re probably a little bit nervous and unsure as well. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered!

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This article gives you in-depth information on Media Temple, its benefits, services, and our coupon code.

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Benefits of Hosting Your Site With Media Temple

Here are some of the major benefits of Media Temple.

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1. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Media Temple provides incredible support for any of your website issues, anytime. You can even request help for problems that are not related to hosting. They are ready to listen to you anytime.

Get 24/7/365 Support With Media Temple – 30% Discount!

Also, you can get help from their extensive knowledge base. There’s a collection of articles with tips, tricks, and more. So, you can easily solve your website issue by yourself.

2. Simple to Design an eCommerce Store

Media Temple lets you set up various types of online stores with full customization settings. You can optimize your eCommerce site for generating more sales. Also, you can install some powerful hosting tools and open-source platforms with a single click.

Besides, Media Temple’s hosting solution takes care of all the complexities of website management. So, you can focus on your customers instead of complex website tasks.

You also don’t need to worry about data theft and other security issues.

3. Site Runs Smoothly All The Time

When you host your site with Media Temple, your website stays up-and-running all the time. Their servers provide a high server uptime. So, your website won’t go down due to any technical issues in the server.

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4. Handles Traffic Surge With Ease

You might want to target a certain amount of traffic on your website. However, you can get a sudden traffic surge on your website on some special occasions. Meanwhile, other servers have a higher chance of getting crashed due to overload.

Yet, Media Temple uses heavy-duty servers that won’t let your site down under any circumstance.

How to Use Media Temple Coupon Code for Your Site?

So, are you ready to start building your website with the Media Temple hosting service? Great! We’re now going to explain the steps to use our Media Temple coupon code.

Step 1: Go To The Homepage of Media Temple

The first step is visiting the homepage. On the Menu bar, there’s a button for ‘Hosting.’ Click on it to see all the hosting packages available.

Step 2: Select Your Hosting Package

Among the five hosting packages on the Hosting page, select anyone. For this demonstration, we’re choosing the Grid-Sharing Hosting package. Click on the ‘Learn More’ button after selecting the package.

Also, the Grid-Hosting package has 3 different pricing plans. We’re choosing the first plan, Grid Personal that costs $20/mo. After selecting your desired plan, click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button to proceed.

Step 3: Search a Domain Name for Your Site

Now, Media Temple allows you to search a domain name for your site. Media Temple charges $18 for a domain name. You can pick from a range of extensions for your domain, like .com, .net, .agency, and more.

Type in your desired domain in the search bar, as shown in the above image. Media Temple also provides an option to skip adding a domain to your hosting account.

When you enter the domain of your choice, Media Temple gives two options. If you want to purchase this domain, select the first one. Alternatively, if you already own a domain name, select the second option.

Now you can click on ‘Add This Domain’ to check the availability.

You will get the message shown in the image above if the domain is available. You can also add Domain Privacy for $2 in your hosting account. Media Temple has added this domain to your account, and now you can click ‘Continue Order.’

Step 4: Verify Your Shopping Cart

After selecting your domain name, you will reach the Shopping Cart page. On the right side, you can see the Order Summary for all your purchases. The table on the left shows the same items, but also lets you change the duration for these services.

Also, you can remove any items if you think you do not want them in your hosting account. Simply click on ‘Remove’ under the respective item in the Order Summary.

Step 5: Purchase Some Additional Services

When you scroll down in the Shopping Cart page, you get the option to add 3 additional services in your account. These services are G Suite, Standard SSL, and SiteMover. Simply click on the ‘+ Add To Cart’ button to purchase them.

Step 6: Apply Our Coupon Code

Now, it’s time to apply our Media Temple coupon code on the checkout page. When you scroll down, you can see 3 text boxes for different purposes. You have to apply the code in the first box, as shown in the image.

Here is our Media Temple coupon code: (Insert Code Here)

Click on the “Apply Code” button and you can see $6 gets deducted from your Order Summary. You get the discount only for the hosting package, not for the domain name and any other services.

Click on the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Step 7: Create an Account

The next step requires you to create your account in Media Temple. Click on the ‘Create Account’ button on the right side of the page.

Now, you will enter the account creation page, where you need to fill up a form with some personal details. You have to provide your first name, last name, phone number, and other details in the first section.

The next section requires you to create a password for your account. You can see it on the right side of this section. You don’t have to set a separate username because your email address works as the username.

Now, you have to enter your address details in the final section. You can see some text boxes to include your mailing address, city, and postal code. Besides, you get two drop-down menus to select your country and state/region/province.

After you provide all the information, click on ‘Create Account + Login.’ It takes you to the Payment page, where you should choose the payment method for your services.

You will own the hosting service after you confirm your shopping cart and complete your purchase.

Hosting Packages for Media Temple Coupon Code

You can use the Media Temple coupon code for almost all of the hosting packages. We have explained the detailed features of all hosting plans from Media Temple in this section.

You can pick the most suitable plan based on your website requirements.

1. Media Temple Managed Cloud Hosting

The Managed Cloud Hosting package from Media Temple helps you build a cloud environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means that you get an on-demand availability of all the resources that your website requires.

You don’t need to handle all the complex and technical steps of managing your website. Media Temple takes good care of all these aspects.

With this package, Media Temple helps you move all your files and databases while you migrate. You also get a faster load speed because of the limitless pool of resources and services.

Media Temple provides you with the AWS solution after studying your case in detail. They want to customize their solution before starting with a general service. Moreover, you get exceptionally fast response times when you face any issue.

You have to contact the Media Temple team to get a quote for the Managed Cloud Hosting package.

2. Temple Media DV-VPS Hosting

The DV-VPS Hosting package from Media Temple provides powerful web servers, state-of-the-art data centers, and more. You can host your site on Virtual Private Networks that provides faster speed, better security, and availability.

Your website stays up and running all the time. Media Temple features 99.99% uptime with this package. If the DV server fails for even 20 minutes, they refund you the 20% of your monthly hosting cost.

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Also, all your website data and databases are stored in SSD drives. This is a much powerful storage device with reliable and faster performance. You can also choose between the hosting plans from DV-Managed and DV-Developer.

Here are some of the major hosting plans from the DV-VPS Hosting Package.

A. DV Managed Level 1

RAM – 2 GB

SSD Storage Space – 30 GB

Bandwidth – 2 TB

B. DV Managed Level 2

RAM – 4 GB

SSD Storage Space – 50 GB

Bandwidth – 3 TB

C. DV Managed Level 3

RAM – 8 GB

SSD Storage Space – 100 GB

Bandwidth – 5 TB

D. DV Managed Level 4

RAM – 16 GB

SSD Storage Space – 200 GB

Bandwidth – 6 TB

E. DV Managed Level 5

RAM – 32 GB

SSD Storage Space – 350 GB

Bandwidth – 7 TB

F. DV Managed Level 6

RAM – 64 GB

SSD Storage Space – 600 GB

Bandwidth – 8 TB

G. DV Managed Dedicated

RAM – 18 GB

SSD Storage Space – 1 TB

Bandwidth – 10 TB

3. Media Temple Grid-Sharing Hosting

The Grid-Shared Hosting package from Media Temple offers premium hosting services at a low cost. You can build a variety of websites with this package and also manage them with ease.

Host Your Site With Media Temple Grid-Sharing Plan – 30% OFF!

You also get SSD storage devices to save all your website information. The Shared Hosting package also handles many activities on your site. During such processes, your databases get transferred to an independent container to keep the site running.

Here are 3 pricing plans for the Media Temple Shared Hosting package.

A. Shared Hosting Grid Personal

Shared Hosting’s Grid Personal hosting plan can power up to 100 websites. Regarding storage, you get an SSD storage space of 20 GB. This plan can handle up to 100 databases and has a bandwidth of 1 TB.

Besides, you get 1000 email boxes with the Grid Personal plan. The computing power of this hosting plan is 1000 GPU².

B. Shared Hosting Grid Pro

The Grid Pro hosting plan can power up to 500 sites and 500 databases. You get an SSD storage of 100 GB and a bandwidth of 1 TB. The computing power of this plan is 2000 GPU² and also supports 1000 email boxes.

Moreover, the Grid Pro hosting plan detects and removes malware from any one of your sites. This plan also supports the Content Delivery Network (CDN) and provides the Web Application Firewall (WAF) feature.

C. Shared Hosting Grid Elite

The Grid Elite Hosting plan from Shared Hosting lets you host up to 500 sites and 500 databases. You get a storage space of 250 GB SSD and a bandwidth of 5 TB. Also, the computing power of this hosting plan is 4000 GPU².

Moreover, the Grid Elite hosting plan detects and removes malware from 5 of your sites. Similarly, you get the Content Delivery Network (CDN), and Web Application Firewall for 5 websites. You also get 1 dedicated database container.

4. Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting

The Managed WordPress Hosting plan from Media Temple works best for your portfolio websites, blogs, and so on. Media Temple provides a WordPress-optimized infrastructure and handles all the technical aspects of your site.

Get Media Temple Managed WordPress Hosting – 30% Discount!

You can choose from a vast collection of WordPress themes to customize your site. These themes also include stock photos. Moreover, each of your WordPress sites gets two staging environments. So, you can test your site updates before making it live.

Here are the 2 pricing plans for Managed WordPress Hosting from Media Temple.

A. Managed WordPress Professional

With the Managed WordPress Professional Hosting plan, you can power up to 2 websites and get 4 testing sites. Besides, this plan provides an SSD storage of 50 GB. Media Temple supports up to 250,000 monthly visitors on your site with this plan.

B. Managed WordPress Professional

Managed WordPress Professional hosting plan from Media Temple supports up to 10 websites. So, you get 20 staging sites to test your website updates. You also get an SSD storage space of 200 GB.

The Managed WordPress Professional plan lets you host websites with 500,000 monthly visitors. You also get 2 domain names and 2 SSL certificates with yearly billing.

5. Media Temple Dedicated Hosting

Media Temple Dedicated Hosting package provides a dedicated DV server with a superb performance. You get the maximum control over it.

This is the fastest and most powerful hosting option available among all Media Temple services.

You can build that dedicated server in your way using the self-managed options. Furthermore, you can even rent your server to other website owners. Media Temple provides you cPanel and WHM control panel for managing your client’s site.

Also, your server will have some of the powerful resources. For instance, you get a RAM of 128 GB, that lets you control several complex activities simultaneously.

You only get 1 pricing option with the Dedicated Server Hosting package.

A. DV Managed Dedicated

RAM – 128 GB

SSD Storage Space – 1 TB

Bandwidth – 10 TB

Additional Services You Get With Media Temple

Media Temple provides more than just hosting services. You get a full web experience, all at a single place. So, here are some major services of Media Temple.

1. Advanced Support and On-Demand Services

You can always get direct help from the expert team of Media Temple. They monitor your website performance, investigate issues, and eliminate them. The expert team is also ready to migrate your site according to your request.

Media Temple also helps you set up your website on a new CMS or customize your WordPress theme. Moreover, their team will also optimize your site for traffic surge by adjusting the MySQL database.

2. Get G Suite for Your Business

Media Temple lets you collaborate with your team members with the help of G Suite. You can also interact with your clients with this feature. By easing out these tasks, you can focus more on creativity.

G Suite is designed by Google Cloud and features several online applications. These apps include Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, and more. Also, you can store your crucial business files on the cloud with up to 30 GB of storage space.

3. Security Pack to Protect Your Site

Media Temple features an extensive security pack for protecting your site from threats and vulnerabilities. Some of the threats include phishing scams, botnets, malware, and so on. They can leak your sensitive information and even disable your site.

Media Temple has collaborated with Sucuri to protect your site from all security issues. Sucuri removes all unwanted malware whenever your site encounters one. Their security team scans your site to search for any SQL injections, SEO spam, and more.

You will get an automatic alert whenever their team finds any threat to your site. The security team also does not allow malicious traffic to get on your site. Media Temple provides an intuitive dashboard to get security insight about your site in one place.

4. SSL Certificate for Secure Transactions

Media Temple lets you add SSL certificates on your site for allowing safer transactions to your customers. Browsers, like Google Chrome, declare a website as ‘Not Secure’ if it does not have an SSL certificate.

This certificate is a must if you’re receiving critical information from your audience. This information includes credit card info, personal details, and more. Some of the other benefits of SSL certificates are domain validation, Google ranking boost, and more.

5. Find Your Perfect Domain

Media Temple lets you choose a perfect domain for your website with its advanced domain search. You can also pick from a range of large options of extensions. Moreover, you can protect your personal details with the domain privacy option.

Why Use Our Media Temple Coupon Code for Your Website?

Our Media Temple coupon code is the best deal for you. Why? Well, here are some features that set our coupon codes apart from others.

1. Works With Full Guarantee

Our coupon code for Media Temple works 100% of the time. We do not endorse an expired code to mislead you. However, most of the codes you find on the web have no value for you. They have either expired or are not authenticated by Media Temple.

2. Lowest Discount Among All

When you search discount offers for Media Temple, you may get around 15% off on the hosting package. You may not easily find a 30% discount that we provide here. So, this is the lowest price for hosting your site with Media Temple.

Best Deal for Media Temple Hosting Package – 30% OFF!

Frequently Asked Questions for Media Temple Coupon Code

Q. Do I Get Discount on All The Hosting Packages?

A. No. You don’t get a discount on all the hosting packages from Media Temple. Some hosting packages, like Dedicated Hosting, do not accept our coupon. So, you can skip our coupon if you are targeting this hosting package.

Q. Can I Use This Coupon to Get Discount on Other Services?

A. No. Our Media Temple coupon code applies only to the hosting packages. So, you will not get a discount for other purchases, like a domain name or SSL certificate.

Q. Do You Provide a Code Link That Applies Discount Automatically?

A. Currently, no. We can only provide an alphanumeric code to get a discount for Media Temple hosting packages. You have to copy and paste the code on the checkout page to get this offer.

However, in the future, we may provide you with a coupon link that automatically applies a discount on the pricing page.

Q. Are These Coupon Codes a Part of Affiliate Marketing?

A. Yes. We want to make this clear that all the discount code in this article is an affiliate code provided by Media Temple. So, for each purchase you make using our code, we make a commission. However, this does not increase your cost.

Which Hosting Package Should You Select For Your Site?

So, did you select any hosting plan for your site?

If you haven’t made your choice yet, there’s no need to panic. Let us give you some helpful advice on making this decision.

First, you have to list your website requirements in detail. For what purpose are you trying to build your site? Is this for an educational institution? A non-profit organization? Or something else?

When you identify your website needs, study the features of Media Temple’s hosting packages. Which one of them can provide the optimal service for your site? You may want to focus on the storage space, traffic support, and other features.

So, after this process, you can easily pick a perfect plan that powers your website as per your need.

Begin Your Website Journey With Media Temple – 30% OFF!

Hence, we encourage you to start building your website with Media Temple in 2022!

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