Flywheel Coupon Code – 25% OFF / 3-Months Free

Flywheel coupon code

Do you want to host your first website with Flywheel in 2022 while still staying under budget? If yes, your wait ends here.

Our special Flywheel coupon code gives you 25% off on hosting prices. The discount is equivalent to getting 3 months of free hosting for an annual subscription.

Get Flywheel Hosting Plan With 25% Off – 3 Months FREE

Flywheel includes a total of 5 hosting packages, and you get a discount for almost all of these options.

No matter if you’re either a beginner or an expert webmaster, Flywheel has something great for all.

Best Offer From Flywheel 25% Discount/3 Months FREE Hosting

This article is for you if you want to gain more knowledge about Flywheel and our coupon code.

Why Flywheel?

If you want a comprehensive WordPress hosting platform to host a website, Flywheel is the best option for you. But before we dive into how to use our Flywheel code, let us explain why Flywheel is like no other.

1. Simple and Easy to Use Dashboard

Flywheel has a simple dashboard that lets you customize multiple settings of your hosting account. This helps you manage a variety of websites on your hosting account. Based on your package, you can control from 1 to 100 websites.

Flywheel’s intuitive dashboard also helps you collaborate with all your co-workers, clients, and more. You can also optimize various settings at its user-interface. For instance, you can add free SSL certificates and update your DNS.

Acquire Flywheel Hosting With 25% Discount – 3 Months FREE

Moreover, you can transfer bills/invoices to your clients with just a few easy steps. You can run and restore nightly backups for your site as well. Flywheel’s interface is clean and doesn’t include any distractions.

2. Manage Workflow With Professional Hosting Tools

Flywheel provides professional hosting tools that help you manage your business workflow with ease. With these tools, you can manage your team’s workflow and get things done quickly.

You get real-time feeds of all the activities in your organization. You can also synchronize your Flywheel account with Slack for better communication. Besides, Flywheel also lets you collaborate with your team members for your project.

Besides, your clients don’t have to worry about lengthy and boring checkout processes anymore. Flywheel’s distinctive billing transfer feature helps them complete the payment process with a few clicks.

3. Customize/Enhance Your Hosting Plan

Flywheel lets you customize your hosting package with a variety of additional services and solutions. Some of them include Performance Insights, Managed Plugin Updates, and more.

Build Your Website With Flywheel – 25% OFF on Hosting!

With the Performance Insights, you receive monthly reports from Flywheel’s team. You get insights regarding site performance, improvement areas, actionable recommendations, and more.

Every month, Flywheel updates all the plugins from your website with the Managed Plugin Updates feature.

In addition, you can also add the White Label feature to your hosting account. This allows you to create billing experiences with your brand name.

4. Get Support From Real Humans 24 Hours a Day

When you face any website issues, you can contact Flywheel’s support team during any time of the day. Their support team members are located all around the globe. You can also send in-app tickets to the support team if you’re facing major issues.

You can also communicate with the WordPress experts with 24/7 live chat. Flywheel provides industry-leading support with an innovative approach. So, you don’t have to deal with low-quality robotic responses anymore.

Flywheel also provides DOC files for all potential issues. You can access these help files without leaving your Flywheel dashboard. Besides, most of the higher hosting packages provide 24/7 phone support as well.

5. Build Site Faster With Development Tools

Flywheel features some of the incredible development tools, like Blueprints, Site Cloning, and Staging. With these tools, you don’t need to build your website from scratch.

The Blueprints feature lets you design a blueprint for an existing website. You can save the theme and plugins of the site as its blueprint. So, when you design new websites, you can choose from previous blueprints and make changes afterward.

Flywheel’s Site Cloning feature allows you to save any changes you make on a website on a clone site. Your audience won’t see these changes unless you make them go live. So, it helps you analyze the changes before implementing them.

Finally, with the Site Cloning feature, you can take a copy of your existing site. Then, you’re able to make changes and recreate it as a new site.

6. Free Site Migration and SSL Certificate

Flywheel migrates your website for free. The meaning of migration in terms of website management is to change various elements of that site. Some of the elements include a domain name change, changing the mobile setup, site hierarchy changes, and more.

Also, Flywheel provides free SSL certificates with all your hosting plans. This safety feature keeps your crucial data safe during file transfer. Your website also has a greater chance of ranking higher on search engines with this safety certificate.

How to Use Our FlyWheel Coupon Code for Website Hosting?

Are you excited to host your website with Flywheel in 2022? In this section, we have stated the detailed steps you need to take to use our coupon code.

You will get 3 months of free hosting only when you use our Flywheel coupon code “(insert code here).” Feel free to go through each of these steps to begin your website experience with this amazing offer.

Step 1: Go to the FlyWheel’s Homepage

The first thing you need to do is visit the official website of Flywheel. Here, you can scroll down to see all the hosting packages. Currently, Flywheel offers Tiny, Starter, Freelance, Agency, and Custom packages.

Select any one of these packages based on your requirement. For this demonstration, we’re going with the Tiny hosting package. Click on the “Get Started” button to proceed further.

If you can’t decide which package is the right one for you, click on the “Compare All Features.” This shows you the detailed features of all the packages. So you can make decisions easily.

Step 2: Create Your New Account

Before you can move to other steps, you need to create your Flywheel account. To create an account, you need to fill out the given form.

In this form, you have to provide personal information, like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Username, and Password.

Also, there is a special option box where you have a question about how you would describe yourself. The options provided in this box are Agency, Designer, Freelancer, Developer, and more.

After filling up the form, check the box to agree with Flywheel’s terms of services and then click on “Sign Up.”

Step 3: Verify Your Hosting Plan

Now, you’ll get to a new page where you need to provide various information. The first information is regarding the package that you want to acquire. You need to re-enter the name of the package in the “Subscription Name” text box.

Then, select a datacenter based on your current location. Flywheel has its data centers in the United States, Australia, Canada, European Territory, and the United Kingdom.

Step 4: Choose a Subscription Method

The next step requires you to choose the type of subscription. Do you want to pay for an annual subscription that costs $150, or the monthly subscription that costs only $15?

To get the 25% discount – 3 months of free hosting – you need to select the annual subscription. You will not get this offer with the monthly subscription. So, we’ve selected the annual package for this demonstration.

Step 5: Add Your Payment Details

Now, you need to add a payment method to proceed. You can see a button “Add Payment Method” in the lower section of the payment section.

Click on it and you’ll see a dialogue box with two payment methods. Currently, Flywheel supports two modes of payment, that are credit card and PayPal.

If you’re paying through your credit card, add details like cardholder’s name, card number, CVV, and expiration date. You also have to provide your address details, like country name, ZIP/postal code, and more.

For PayPal, you just need to sign in to your PayPal account and confirm your payment method.

Step 6: Provide Your Billing Address

You need to provide your billing address in this step. There are several sections that you need to fill up. They are Street Address, Address Line 2, City/Locality, State/Province/Region, ZIP/Postal Code, and Country.

Step 7: Enter Your Discount Code

This is an essential step. Copy and paste our Flywheel coupon code, i.e., “insert code here.”

When you apply the code, you only get a 10% discount on your hosting package.

Plus, you also get a 2 month-free hosting package. So, the combination of both these offers give you 25% off on your chosen package. This is also equivalent to 3 months of free hosting.

Step 8: Finalize the Purchase

Now, click on the “Checkout” button to move to the final stage. Here, you just need to confirm all the options that you’ve selected. After you’re happy with your selection, you can make your payment.

Congratulations! You just got your hosting package from Flywheel.

Hosting Plans for FlyWheel Coupon Code

You must be curious by now to learn about the different hosting plans from Flywheel. So, we have described all of the Flywheel hosting packages in this section. You can apply our coupon code, with a 25% discount, for almost all of these plans.

1. Flywheel Tiny Hosting Package

The Tiny Hosting Package from Flywheel is an excellent option for simple websites, like a personal blog or a journaling website. This hosting plan supports websites with a monthly visit of around 5000.

You also get 5 GB of storage space and a 20 GB of bandwidth.

You can power only one website with the Tiny hosting plan. You can increase the number of sites for a price of $20 per month for one additional site. Also, you get more than 30 StudioPress themes for designing stunning websites.

Besides, Flywheel provides several workflow tools with this hosting plan. Some of the tools are Blueprints, Billing Transfer, Staging sites, and more. You also get to backup your website on a nightly basis.

The Tiny hosting plan features some basic support features. You can migrate your website for free and can chat with the support team any time of the day throughout the week.

Besides, you can include optional add-ons as well, such as the White Label feature.

2. Flywheel Starter Hosting Plan

The Starter Hosting Plan is the most popular among all other Flywheel hosting plans. Similar to the Tiny plan, you can host a single site. Also, you get a storage disk space of 10 GB and a bandwidth of 50 GB.

The Starting plan supports around 25,000 website visits per month. You get several other platform features with this package. Some of the features are FlyCache, free SSL Certificates, Global Availability, and so on.

Moreover, you get the third party SSL certificate with this package as well. If any Flywheel’s service fails at any time, you don’t need to worry. This hosting plan also includes the Auto-Healing Technology that brings your site back to normal.

Flywheel also provides a Free Demo Site feature with the Starting Plan. So, you can test this package for about 14 days before finalizing the purchase. You also get basic support, like that of the Tiny hosting plan.

3. Flywheel Freelance Hosting Plan

Flywheel Freelance Hosting Plan is a reliable hosting option for all freelancers out there. This package supports 100,000 website visits per month and lets you host up to 10 sites. You also get 20 GB storage space and 200 GB bandwidth.

Host Your Freelance Website With Flywheel – 25% OFF!

The Freelance package includes CDN for providing a faster page loading speed. You also get a Genesis Framework for designing beautiful websites in no time. Besides, you get the Multisite feature that was absent in the prior two packages.

Moreover, Flywheel lets you collaborate with your team members with this hosting package. You get the Local Development Environment and test new changes to your site using its sandbox environment.

You can also duplicate your existing site and make its copy for further use or create a demo site. Besides, the support feature of Freelance is exactly the same as the previous two packages. Also, you can include additional add-ons to your account.

4. FlyWheel Agency Hosting Plan

The Agency Hosting Plan from Flywheel is a powerful hosting option for growing businesses. You can power up to 30 WordPress sites with this package. Also, you get a storage space of 50 GB and a bandwidth of 500 GB.

Get Agency Hosting Plan With 25% Discount – 3 Months FREE!

The agency hosting plan also supports up to 400,000 monthly visits for a single website. The basic features of this package are similar to that of the previous plans. Some of the features are 30+ StudioPress themes, Genesis Framework, CDN from Fastly, and more.

Some of the Agency hosting plan’s workflow tools are Blueprints, Free Demo Site, Site Cloning, and so on. You can add some premium add-ons to your accounts, such as Managed Plugin Updates, Performance Insights, and more.

Furthermore, you get advanced support features with this hosting plan. One of the features is phone support from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 5 pm, CST. You can also manage all activities related to site migration in a single dashboard.

5. FlyWheel Custom-Built Hosting Plan

With the Flywheel Custom-Built Hosting Plan, you get the highest level of hosting related services. The Custom package lets you host more than 100 sites as well. You get a custom-sized storage space and also a custom bandwidth.

Flywheel supports more than millions of website visits with the custom plan. You can choose any feature from the previous hosting packages for your website. Some of them might be Third-Party SSL Certificates, Auto-Healing Technology, and more.

Similarly, you can select any workflow tools provided by Flywheel. These tools might be Blueprints, Staging Sites, Free Demo Sites, Site Cloning, and more. You can also include additional features like Managed Plugin Updates, While Labels, and more.

Also, you get a unique support feature that you can’t get with other packages. This feature is the Quarterly Business Review. Apart from that, you can select any other support feature like Phone Support, 24/7 Chat Support, and more.

Is FlyWheel Coupon Code Suitable For You?

FlyWheel provides efficient hosting services targeted to a diverse audience base. No matter if you’re a freelancer or a team member in a marketing firm, Flywheel makes your website experience much simpler and smoother.

So, if you’re like one of the entities mentioned below, you will benefit a lot from our Flywheel coupon code.

1. Freelancers

As a freelancer, Flywheel helps you build your skillset and provides the best service to your clients. You don’t have to worry about managing your website. Flywheel provides you easy and simplified workflows so that you can give more time to your creativity.

Freelance web designers need to work multiple projects per month. So, Flywheel helps you start working on a website project on a demo server. After you complete your project, you can transfer the billing and ownership easily to your client.

You can also collaborate with clients, designers, developers, and other members related to your project. So, they can manage the website, update the database, and edit files with ease. You don’t have to take sole responsibility for all these activities.

2. Agencies

Flywheel helps you scale your business with its amazing features. For instance, you can collaborate with your co-workers on a particular website. This way, you can assign specific tasks to all the team members and manage their activities as well.

If you’re operating as a website design agency, then Flywheel’s Blueprint feature works great for you. Flywheel also provides a free comprehensive guide on how to use this hosting platform. It can turn out to be a great learning tool for all your teammates.

Plus, you can resell website hosting services to your clients using the FlyWheel’s Agency Partner program. Besides, Flywheel lets you bill your clients with your brand name as well.

3. High Traffic Website Managers

Does your website get tremendous traffic, like thousands or even millions? If yes, Flywheel has some powerful features for you. Your website can handle sudden traffic surge, large purchases, and more with Flywheel’s higher range packages.

For instance, the Cloud Hosting platform of Flywheel features container technology. So, when your website gets a spike in traffic, it increases the server potential immediately. Also, you get all these features for no additional/hidden cost.

Flywheel lets you easily manage your website with its Streamline Toolset that helps you restore backups and more. Flywheel has also partnered with Google Cloud. This provides enterprise-grade uptime to your website, with Auto-Healing Technology.

Additionally, Flywheel is a partner with WooCommerce to help you manage your online store. So, when your online store gets a sudden spike in sales, Flywheel can control it with WooCommerce’s help.

4. In-House Marketing Team

If you’re involved in the marketing team of an agency, Flywheel has some special features to help you. For instance, your marketing efforts may lead your website to go viral.

But if your server’s uptime is low or if your site is not secured, the effort goes to waste. So, Flywheel provides the best security practices and also maintains 99.99% of uptime.

Their enterprise products and services help in-house marketing teams to meet their goals. You get the independence, agility, and support from Flywheel’s team to encourage you to do your best work.

Also, you get the best workflow tools that help you collaborate with all your team members. So, the marketing team can easily communicate with programmers and clients to stay aligned with their requirements.

Why Use Flywheel Coupon Code?

This section explains why our coupon is the best option for you.

1. Our Link Will Not Expire

Flywheel coupon code is one of a kind because it won’t expire any time in the future. However, all other coupon codes are already expired.

Also, if Flywheel updates any of its affiliate policy, we will review our coupon code immediately. Our goal is to give you the best deal from this hosting platform.

2. Lowest Deal You Can Get

Our coupon code provides you a 25% discount on your hosting package. This is equivalent to getting 3 months of free hosting for a year. When you search on the web, you’ll find that this is the best offer you’re going to get for Flywheel.

However, you get some seasonal offers that may offer a higher discount rate. But, as their name suggests, they are only temporary and do not last an entire year. However, we also provide special discount codes for such occasions a few times a year.

3. Lasts Throughout the Year

Our coupon code lasts throughout the year. So, even if you want to start a website in the future, you can still use our code and get the same discount rate. Based on the occasions, you might even get a higher discount rate, but never lower.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Flywheel Coupon Code

Q. Do I Get to See The Discounted Price at Flywheel’s Homepage?

A. No. We cannot provide you a discount link that automatically applies the coupon code to FlyWheel’s website. So, you will not see the discounted price unless you insert the coupon code during your checkout process.

Q. How Should I Choose a Perfect Hosting Plan for my Website?

A. Well, this depends entirely on your requirements. For instance, are you designing a simple travel blog or a corporate site for your large-scale industry? Questions like this help you get a better insight into your requirements.

After you identify your website needs, study the package features carefully. We have mentioned the details of all the packages in this article. Go through that as well. Lastly, choose an ideal plan that goes well with both your requirement and budget.

Q. Can I Migrate My Website to Flywheel for Free?

A. Yes. Flywheel migrates your website from one server to another real quick. So, you won’t have to deal with the complex task of moving your site when changing the hosting platform. Also, they charge absolutely no fees for migrating your site.

Q. Are You Involved as an Affiliate Marketer for Flywheel?

A. Yes. We are associated with Flywheel as an affiliate marketer. So, when you make any purchase using our coupon code, we make a commission.

However, this does not increase the prices for you. You pay the exact price that you get on your checkout page.

Wrapping Up!

So, did you select a perfect hosting package for your website? We recommend you to do detailed research on Flywheel features and all its plans before using our coupon code.

Launch Your Website With 25% Discount on Flywheel Hosting!

After you’ve selected your package, observe the additional features. If you find some add-ons that might be helpful, then purchase them as well.

Also, if you’re hosting your website for the first time, always select a lower plan. You can later move on to the higher packages once you get habituated with a simple plan.

Lastly, we hope you build a stunning website using Flywheel’s hosting tools.

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