WPEngine Coupon Code | 20% OFF – 3 Months FREE

WPEngine Coupon Code

Want an incredible discount on WP Engine to host your website? Well, look no further. With our WP Engine coupon code, you get a 20% discount (3 Months FREE) for your hosting package in 2022.

Seems a bit too good to be true? Click on the link below and compare the prices.

Get 20% Discount – 3 Months FREE – On WP Engine Hosting!

WP Engine is one of the best-managed web hosting platforms for creating your first website.

Although being a fantastic WordPress hosting provider, it is slightly more expensive than another regular hosting provider. But, with the WP Engine coupon code, the final price you’re going to get is definitely a steal.

You can start a blog on fashion, technology and other various niches without putting a hole in your pocket.

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Why WP Engine?

If you need more details to learn why WP Engine is the best for web hosting, please go through these reasons that do not disappoint.

1. Targeted Service to Diverse Customer Base

WP Engine provides different services to its diverse customers. They’ve turned their clients into agencies, enterprises, and small as well as medium businesses. So, you’re going to get exactly what your website needs according to your field.

For agencies, they provide a platform to accelerate your innovation and prevent any future obstacles. You can also boost your ROI with improved SEO and a decreased bounce rate.

Receive 20% Discount for WP Engine hosting package!

WP Engine protects your site from real-time threats. So, you can leave your website issues to the WordPress experts.

Similarly, for small and medium businesses, you get a catalyst to expand your business. You can even grow your revenue by improving conversion rates.

2. Digital Experience Platform on WordPress

WP Engine provides you with a variety of solutions like creative agility, enterprise performance, actionable intelligence, and ecosystem integration.

The Creative Agility suite includes many StudioPress themes, and lets you migrate your WordPress site, and more.

With the Enterprise Performance suite, you get a range of Amazon Web Services. Also, this manages the traffic spikes from 10,000 to 100 million.

Get WordPress Digital Experience Platform with 20% Off!

Additionally, Actionable Intelligence helps you optimize your website by providing website traffic and other insights. The Ecosystem Integration suite gives you thousands of WordPress themes and lets you take advantage of its Google Cloud Platform.

3. Provides Incredible Marketing Tools

WP Engine has great services under its sleeve for your hosting package. Powerful marketing tools, such as Analytics Products, Content Management Systems, and so on only make your site more powerful.

Own Your Creative Vision with a 20% Discount on Web Hosting!

Analytics tool helps you get information on your website’s content, front-end, and back-end. So, you can optimize your site for search engines, grow website traffic, and more.

Meanwhile, with the help of WordPress CMS, you can upload creative content on your site with ease. This hosting platform also provides the GeoTarget feature, which helps you customize your content based on the audience’s location.

4. Provides Extensive Guidance to Developers

WP Engine supports all of your projects and this is even more helpful for you if you’re a WordPress developer. You can set up your website easily with fast speed, smooth launches, and effortless maintenance.

You can include several content blocks designed with the Gutenberg block editor. The editor helps you build attractive web pages without having to code.

WP Engine also provides one-click site management tools. These tools ease the migration of your website, provide backup management, and more. You can access all the site management tools in a single interface.

5. Monitors and Optimizes Your Website Speed

You can rely on WP Engine for amazing fast website speed. This hosting platform optimizes a faster browsing experience for your reliable visitors.

Amazingly Fast Web Hosting with 20% Off – 3 Months FREE!

WP Engine uses EverCache technology that reduces the additional load from your server. So, their proprietary caching system boosts a faster page loading speed. Also, your website will put less strain on your resources.

Additionally, you get a free CDN. WP Engine has data centres spread in different parts of the world. So, you can get a faster website experience anywhere in the world. You can also get up to 27% faster load speed with WP Engine hosting packages.

6. You Get 24/7 Support Throughout the Year

WP Engine provides excellent support with multiple support systems. You can go through their articles on-site setup, account, features, hosting platforms, and more. So, you can easily teach yourself all the basics of website issues.

Whenever you’re in immediate need of support, you can contact their support team. WP Engine is ready to help you 24/7 with any issue.

How to Use Your WP Engine Coupon Code?

Follow through these steps to apply the WP Engine Coupon Code.

Step 1: Click on Our WP Engine Coupon Link

Firstly, click on the discount link of WP Engine. This leads you to the homepage of the hosting platform. There, you can see a customized page of the WP Engine homepage.

In the above image, you can see the special offer using our coupon code. You get 3 months of free hosting for all plans of WP Engine.

Step 2: Select Your Desired Hosting Package

Scroll down and you can see a set of all hosting packages from WP Engine. The coupon code has already been applied to the prices of all the hosting packages.

The popular packages of WP Engine are Startup, Growth, and Scale. For the first package, the prices are down to $240 from $360 per year. Let’s select this package for our demo.

So, click on the “Get Started” button on the Startup package.

Step 3: Set Up Your Account

You’ll be directed to a page where you have to provide information to set up your WP Engine account. First, you need to verify the package that you’ve selected. Then, you can change the currency.

Also, you can change the subscription method for your payment. Keep in mind that you will not get the 20% discount offer if you choose the monthly payment plan.

Step 4: Get Any Additional Services

As you scroll down, you can see a few options that let you choose additional services for your package. Some of these services include additional sites, smart plugin manager, and Geo-Target.

You can view the benefits of each of these additional features right below the text boxes. There are extra features as well, which are shown in the image below.

Step 5: Enter Your Personal Information

The next step requires you to enter all your personal details in the text boxes. Some of the text boxes in this section are for Company Name, Email, First Name, Account Name, and so on.

The special text shown in this section is for the Data Center location. You can set up your desired data center based on your current address.

WP Engine has data centers spread across the world like the USA, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom.

Step 6: Provide Your Billing Information

Now you have to fill your credit card details to confirm the payment. You have to include the cardholder’s name and card number to proceed further. WP Engine supports VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You also need to provide your billing address in this step. You get two text boxes to add your billing address. Other text boxes are for your country, state, city, and ZIP code.

Step 7: Finalize the Payment

Now, you have to read the “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy” of WP Engine. After reading, simply check the box to accept their terms.

Now, you can simply click on the “Create my site” button and finalize your payment. But before that, you might want a brief summary of your package. So, there’s a mini statement/receipt of all the services that you’ve chosen so far.

Also, if in case you reached this step without the coupon code, you can include it now. You can add the coupon code text in the text box as shown in the above image.

Now, you can finalize your package purchase!

Hosting Plans for WP Engine Coupon Code

So now you’ve learned how to use your coupon code to get 3 months of free hosting from WP Engine. However, you might still be curious about which package is best for you in 2022.

This depends on several factors though. How many visits do you plan to get on a single month? What bandwidth speed do you require for your website? These are a few questions that help you decide the optimal hosting plan for your site.

To make this decision simpler, we’ve explained all the hosting packages provided by WP Engine. Have a look and select a plan that fits the best for you.

You can also see the discount rates applied in some of these hosting packages with your coupon code. As of now, you get a special discount offer only for the first three hosting packages.

Also, you’ll get the hosting rate only when you subscribe to the annual package.

1. WP Engine Startup Hosting Plan

The Startup hosting plan from WP Engine is excellent for small business websites, blogs, and more. So, if you’re building your first website in 2022, this is the package for you. You can upgrade to the higher options when you get more website traffic.

With this hosting plan, you can power only 1 website. You can increase the number of websites, but with extra charges. The startup hosting plan supports around 25,000 visits per month for your website.

Get Startup Hosting Package With 20% Discount – 3 Months FREE!

Also, you get the local storage capacity of 10 GB and the bandwidth of 50 GB per month. Some of the additional features that you get for free are Genesis Framework, Transferrable Sites, EverCache, and more.

WP Engine also provides more than 35 StudioPress themes with this hosting package. You get global CDN features and automated SSL certificates as well. The SSL certificate secures your website information during file transfer.

2. WP Engine Growth Hosting Plan

WP Engine Growth hosting plan provides amazing features to power a growing business website. You can host up to 10 sites with this package and grow the number for an additional charge.

Growth Hosting Plan 20% Annual Discount – 3 Months FREE!

Besides, the Growth hosting plan supports around 100,000 visitors per month. You also get a larger storage capacity of 20 GB and a bandwidth of 200 GB per month. This package also includes 3 main environments: development, stage, and production.

This hosting plan from WP Engine also measures the page performance of your site. Moreover, you get the SSH Gateway and LargeFS features as well. In addition to the automated SSL certificate, you get the imported SSH certificates too.

Also, you can purchase other add-ons with this package. Some of them are WordPress Multisite, Genesis Pro, GeoTarget, and so on.

3. WP Engine Scale Hosting Plan

The Scale Hosting Plan from WP Engine is the best value among all annual packages in 2022. This is an excellent hosting plan for well-established and high traffic websites. You get a variety of features for a reasonable amount.

For starters, this package supports around 400,000 monthly visitors on your website. In addition, you get a local storage space of 50 GB and a bandwidth of a whopping 500 GB per month. This hosting package also lets you power up to 30 websites.

Other features that you get with this package are imported SSL Certificates, Genesis Framework, Evercache, and more. If you encounter an issue during any time of the day, you can simply reach them via chat, phone, and more.

Acquire Scale Hosting Plan with 20% Off – 3 Months FREE!

You can also purchase other premium add-ons for additional charges. Some of these add-ons are for powering additional sites, installing Smart Plugin Manager, and so on.

4. WP Engine Premium Hosting Plan

WP Engine Premium Hosting Plan is a powerful hosting plan with a local storage space of 100 GB. You also get the bandwidth of 1000 GB per month. With this hosting package, you can power up to 50 websites.

Moreover, the Premium hosting plan supports websites with an average of 700,000 website visitors per month.

Other several features included free with this plan are imported SSL Certificates, WordPress Multisite, GeoTarget, and more. You also get the White Globe Onboarding and Launch Readiness Assessment with the premium package.

You can also add extra features to your hosting account for an additional cost. Some of these features are Application Developments, Dedicated Development Environments, additional storage, and more.

5. WP Engine Premium 1 Hosting Plan

The Premium 1 Hosting Plan from WP Engine is targeted for extremely higher traffic websites. The plan supports 1 million average website visitors per month. Also, you get a local storage space of 100 GB and a bandwidth of 1000 GB per month.

With the Premium 1 hosting plan, you can power up to 100 websites. You get plenty of features for free with this option. Some of the features are Global CND, Page Performance, Automated, and Imported SSL Certificates, and so on.

You also get more than 35 StudioPress themes that help you design attractive websites. Also, you get Senior-Level Priority Support in case you face any issue during any time of the day.

Other additional features that you have to pay for are Smart Plugin Manager, Customer Success Management, and more. You also get incredible support to add a Dedicated Development Environment for your website.

6. WP Engine Premium 1.5 Hosting Plan

WP Engine Premium 1.5 Hosting Plan takes your web experience to a whole new level. Are you planning to get around 1.5 million website visitors in 2022? If yes, you need this plan right away.

Similar to Premium and Premium 1 packages, you get a local storage space of 100 GB. You get a bandwidth of 1000 GB per month and can power up to 115 websites with the Premium 1.5 plan.

Similar to other Premium packages, you get several features for free. Some of them are LargeFS, Dev/Stage/Prod Environments, GeoTarget, and more. You’ll also get the Genesis Framework and a High-Priority 24/7 Support.

Additionally, you can purchase more add-ons, similar to that of Premium and Premium 1 packages. Some of the add-ons are Application Performance, Additional Storage Space, Genesis Pro, and more.

7. WP Engine Custom Hosting Plan

The Custom Hosting plan from WP Engine is a special package that includes ultra-powerful features. This package is beneficial for large businesses and mission-critical sites. You get the fastest support response with it.

But, you won’t get the pricing details for this package on the WP Engine website. For that, you’ll have to contact the WP Engine team.

The Custom hosting package supports millions of website visits per month. Also, you get local storage space within the range of 100GB to 1TB. You get the bandwidth of more than 400 GB per month.

Similar to the previous package, you can power up to 30 websites. However, you get many features without external costs with this package. Some of them are GeoTarget, Consultative Onboarding, Launch Readiness Assessment, and so on.

You can purchase extra add-ons for your website as well, such as Application Performance, Customer Success Management, High Availability, and more. You can also purchase 24/7 Ticket Support for your website.

Why Choose Our WP Engine Coupon Code?

Coupon codes help you save money. It’s as simple as that! But since there are already so many discounted coupons on the internet, why should you choose ours?

Here are a few points to clarify this statement.

1. Dual Options to Use the Coupon Code

You can see that in this article we’ve provided dual types of coupon codes. The first one is the discount link that takes you to the homepage of WP Engine. You can check the packages with their discounted price and easily proceed to checkout.

Besides, you also have our coupon code (JULY3FREE). So, if you didn’t see any discount applied to the hosting packages, you don’t have to panic. You can easily apply the code at the final section of the checkout page.

2. Applies Discount Immediately

You can check the WP Engine pricing section by clicking on our discounted coupon code link. When you enter the homepage, you’ll see that the actual prices are decreased by 20%.

The discount applies automatically when you use our discount link. You can compare the actual price you need to pay for each hosting plan. This way, you can also easily make a decision regarding which package to acquire.

3. Lowest Price Among All

You can see plenty of other coupon codes of WP Engine on the web. However, we can guarantee you that our coupon code provides the lowest price among all. You can purchase your package with a 20% discount at any time of the year.

Also, the discounted price of the WP Engine is equivalent to a 3-month free hosting package. So, if you only acquire one year of hosting plan, you only need to pay for 9 months. This is the best offer to start your first website.

4. Practice Worry-Free Purchase

We guarantee you a worry-free purchase from WP Engine with all the benefits you get from our coupon code. You can easily choose the perfect hosting plan for your website. Also, you can include other additional features with your purchase.

Get Started With WP Engine – 20% Off (3 Months FREE)

Since you get a 60 days money-back guarantee with WP Engine, there’s zero commitment. Even if you don’t like our discount package, you can still apply for a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on WPEngine Coupon Code

Q. Do I need to apply the coupon code even after using the discount link?

A. No. You just need to use any one of the means to get a discount on your purchase. We’ve provided both ways to get a discount on WP Engine hosting plans. You use any one of these options to get the best price.

The coupon code automatically applies to its packages when you use our discount link to visit the WP Engine homepage. Thus, you don’t have to apply them again.

Q. Do I get a discount on all hosting packages from WP Engine?

A. Currently, no. WP Engine provides discount prices only for the first three hosting packages. These packages are Startup, Growth, and Scale. So, if you want to acquire other packages, our coupon code is probably not the best option for you.

Q. Are there affiliate links in these discount links?

A. Yes. All the discount/coupon links that we’ve included in this article are affiliate links. This means that when you make a purchase using our discount offer, we make a commission.

However, this does not mean you have to pay a higher cost for these hosting packages. You’ll be spending exactly the amount that you see in the pricing section.

Q. Do I get a 60-Day money-back guarantee with WP Engine?

A. Yes. WP Engine lets you apply for a full refund if you are not satisfied with their service. You can ask for a refund within 60 days of your purchase. So, you get ample time to change your decision.

Q. Can I also purchase a domain name with WP Engine?

A. One limitation of the WP Engine is that you cannot purchase a domain name here. So, you need to acquire it from another platform. You can assign the support team of the WP Engine to connect your domain name with your hosting account.

Wrapping Up!

So, are you ready to host your first website using the WP Engine hosting plan in 2022? After reading this detailed article, you must have picked a good package for your website.

Explore WP Engine Plans – 20% Discount Offer (3 Months FREE)!

So, wait for no further and get your desired hosting plan at the lowest cost using our discount code now!

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