Best Reseller WordPress Hosting in 2024

Best Reseller WordPress Hosting

I spent more than five years in the web designing and development industry, and I constantly noticed something. I find clients clueless when we talk about web hosting. Most clients want to stay far from all the technicalities of hosting and the hassle of the account sign-up process.

That’s when reselling hosting comes into play. Do you own a WordPress designing and web development agency? Instead of upsetting your clients with hosting and its hassles, you can set up your reseller hosting account and provide the hosting service yourself.

Or are you planning to create your own web hosting company?

Reselling hosting is profitable if done right.

A reseller WordPress hosting can be a decent compliment to your developing and designing business.

Providing a hosting to your client not just reduces the hassle for your clients, but also helps you earn a decent amount of money.

If you are short on time, here are our top picks among the best reseller WordPress hosting.

Top Picks

HostGator: HostGator, one of the best web hosting providers, has attractive reseller WordPress hosting plans. It comes with powerful tools like WHM Control Panel to administer a server and flexible plans to meet your clients’ needs. Its reseller hosting plans are easily scalable and are affordable as well.

Bluehost Reseller Club: Although Bluehost stopped signing up reseller accounts, it has partnered with Reseller Club to create unlimited customized plans. You can pick from several reseller WordPress hosting plans that use WHM, cPanel, Cloudflare CDN, and so forth. The reseller hosting plans are among the best ones in the web hosting industry.

First, let’s get to know what reseller WordPress Hosting is.

What is WordPress Reseller Hosting?

The hosting industry defines reseller hosting as “white label hosting.” What white label product refers to is a product or service that a company produces, but other companies buy and rebrand it like it is theirs.

In WordPress Reseller Hosting, agencies or freelancing designers and developers lease a certain Virtual Private Server (VPS) space in a wholesale rate and divide it into several fragments and sell it to their customers.

By doing so, you can run a hosting business without investing in costly hosting resources. To make it sweeter, you can sell the service under your brand name. You can sell both shared and managed WordPress hosting. But, remember you will be responsible for handling your customer support in WordPress reseller hosting.

Benefits of WordPress Reseller Hosting

Easy setup

Someone who never owned a website before may struggle with the complexities of hosting. Instead of referring them to a hosting provider, it’s easy to set up your reseller account and provide your client’s site with a managed WordPress hosting.

More Earning

Compare the benefits of WordPress reseller hosting with affiliate hosting referrals; you will make a lot more money in the long run. Since hosting clients are long-term clients, you will have a regular inflow of earnings with reseller hosting. You can buy WordPress Hosting at cheap rates and resell them by keeping a good margin.

Better Relationships with Clients

You will have clients that will use your service for years. So, you will be able to build a nice relationship and expand your other services through referrals.

Now, let’s jump to the best reseller WordPress hosting of 2024.

1. 20i Reseller Hosting

20i is one of the leading reseller hosting specialists, powering over 800,000 live customer projects. With 20i’s reseller hosting plans, customers can create their hosting packages, manage their client’s accounts, and offer a range of features, including unlimited sites, disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, databases, and subdomains.

20i has gone beyond a simple one-click WordPress app and combined a WordPress-optimized platform with some powerful WordPress tools for their resellers, such as WordPress staging, cloning, image/code optimization suite, etc.

Migrating customers from other hosts is effortless with 20i, and their free and unlimited Migration Center does all the work for you in just a few clicks.

20i provides 24×7 priority support for all their customers, along with an in-depth support portal covering a wide range of reseller-related topics.

20i Features

Sell Autoscaling Cloud Hosting

With 20i Reseller Hosting, you get 20i’s autoscaling cloud hosting platform and the resources of an entire platform, not just a single server. 20i’s exclusive autoscaling infrastructure automatically adjusts your resources in real-time, effortlessly handling sudden traffic spikes without downtime. In addition, advanced load balancing and caching mechanisms, combined with optimized server configurations, ensure that every page is always delivered at lightning speeds.

Powerful WordPress Tools

All hosting packages created on the 20i WordPress platform come with a free WordPress staging environment, cloning, backups, image and code optimization tools, unlimited CDN, Edge caching, and advanced WordPress security, all included, with no need for any additional WordPress plug-ins.


20i provides you with the tools to brand as much (or as little) of your customers’ hosting experience as you want. Everything customer-facing can be customized, and you decide what features your customers can access, including one-click apps, domain management tools, FTP access, email account options and more.

100% green WordPress Hosting

All of 20i’s hosting is powered by renewable energy. This is a great selling point for your brand to attract ecologically minded customers.

Reseller Hosting Pricing

20i reseller hosting starts at $19.99 per month. 20i offers three tiers, and each plan comes with 100% SSD disk space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited databases, free SSL Certificates, free malware scanning and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reseller 25Reseller 100Reseller Unlimited
First month $1 then $19.99/moFirst month $1 then $39.99/moFirst month $1 then $59.99/mo
25 Hosting Accounts100 Hosting AccountsUnlimited Hosting Accounts
30 GB SSD Disk Space150 GB SSD Disk SpaceUnlimited SSD Disk Space
50 x 10 GB Email Accounts500 x 10 GB Email AccountsUnlimited x 10 GB Email Accounts
25 Free SSL Certificates100 Free SSL CertificatesUnlimited Free SSL Certificates
Advanced WordPress toolsAdvanced WordPress toolsAdvanced WordPress tools

2. Bluehost Reseller Club


A few years ago, the hosting leader Bluehost partnered with Reseller Club to provide resellers hosting. The hosting is fully white-label, which lets you brand your hosting despite using their resources.

With this Linux Reseller hosting, you can create custom hosting plans with unlimited disk space and plenty of bandwidth. With the availability of WHMCS on selected plans and cPanel, you can simplify your hosting service. You can easily manage the customer and their billing with these control panels.

Reseller Club knows the hassle of changing hosting providers. So, if your clients have sites hosted in other hosts, its hosting experts will assist you in migrating your site.

With the Reseller Club, you get the benefits of free WHM and cPanel, on-call support, Softaculous installer, Cloudflare CDN, powerful hardware, unlimited email accounts, free hosting migration, and so forth.

Reseller Club Features


Bluehost Reseller hosting lets you create, manage and administer hosting accounts through Web Host Manager (WHM).

On top of that, the upper-tier plans offer you WHMCS software which automates most of the aspects of your business including billing, domain reselling, ticket support, and many other client management services.


Bluehost offers fully flexible plans that allow you to distribute the resources as many times as you want. You can take a lot of benefits with this custom hosting plans and

24/7 support

If you use the reseller plan, you will be the first line of support if your hosting clients experience any trouble. But, sometimes there could be issues that you may struggle to deal with. In such cases, Bluehost’s 24/7 support will guide you a way out of trouble.

Reseller Hosting Pricing

The Linux Reseller Hosting starts at just $10.99 per month. All the four plans offer you unlimited website hosting, free SSL certificates, unlimited email address, and unlimited cPanel accounts.

Starting Price: $10.99/mo*Starting Price: $14.49/mo*Starting Price: $16.49/mo*Starting Price: $25.49/mo*
Regular Price: $18.99/moRegular Price: $20.99/moRegular Price: $27.99/moRegular Price: $42.49/mo
Unlimited cPanel accountsUnlimited cPanel accountsUnlimited cPanel accountsUnlimited cPanel accounts
40 GB web storage50 GB web storage100 GB web storage200 GB web storage
800 GB bandwidth800 GB bandwidth800 GB bandwidth800 GB bandwidth
Unlimited emailUnlimited emailUnlimited emailUnlimited email
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL

3. HostGator


HostGator – a leading company in the hosting industry gives reseller hosts a chance to earn money with its reseller hosting plans. Hostgator offers its reseller hosting plans at affordable rates.

HostGator uses the powerful WHM program which lets you have administrative access to the cPanel’s backend. The host offers powerful tools and flexible and scalable plans for those who want its reseller web hosting plans.

With HostGator reseller hosting plans, you can host unlimited domains, subdomains, email accounts. Likewise, you can create unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts. Its control panel is also quite flexible and easy to use.

HostGator gives you WHMCS Client Management and Billing software for free on its reseller plans. Its WHM control panel allows you to monitor server status, limit resources you provide to your clients and have complete control over your account with password modification, account creation, and so forth.

LIkewise, HostGator offers the latest cPanel Control Panel that lets your clients analyze their website statistics, including AWStats, Webalizer, and more. Your clients can manage the instant shopping carts, blogs, forums, counters, and other aspects of accounts.

Likewise, it automatically backs up off-site data weakly.

HostGator provides award-winning support via phone chat, and live chat. It also has an online support portal with more than 500 video tutorials and over 650 help articles. So, you can be ensured that the host is there to help you immediately if you encounter any issue.

HostGator Features for Reseller Hosting

Powerful Tools

HostGator uses the latest WHM Control Panel that lets you administer a server, manage cPanels, and set specific settings that can be implemented in all the accounts.


With HostGator reseller hosting, you get complete control over resource allocation and payment methods. You can allocate the resources and charge your clients as per your clients’ needs. So, run your business as you like.

Furthermore, you can even offer additional services like providing domain names, SSL certificates, and more.


With HostGator, you can easily upgrade your reseller account, and yeah, it’s free. As your business grows, you will not have to deal with any hassle while upgrading your account.

Host Gator Reseller Hosting Pricing

HostGator’s reseller hosting starts at as low as $19.95 per month. HostGator categorizes its reseller hosting pricing plans into three types – Aluminum, Copper, and Silver. Each plan lets you host unlimited domain. You will get the free SSL certificate, access to powerful tools, flexible resource allocation, and more.

Starts at: $19.95/mo*Starts at: $24.95/mo*Starts at: $19.95/mo*
Unlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domains
60 GB disk storage90 GB disk storage140 GB disk storage
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSL
Free WHMCS softwareFree WHMCS softwareFree WHMCS software

4. InMotion


InMotion hosting offers white label hosting services; so you can use its resources and sell the hosting services under your own brand. You can improve your customers’ experience with unique name servers, DNS clustering, customizable WordPress themes, and more.

InMotion comes with free SSD drives which offer faster speed and improved uptime as compared to hosts with traditional hard drives. The host also offers Softaculous – a free auto-installer; use it to install and manage over 400 available applications easily.

With InMotion, you get one-click restore and backup option. So, your client’s data is always securely stored, regardless of what happens. The host also offers an IMAP email, which allows your clients to access email from any device.

For those who want to leverage the power of the virtual private server, InMotion offers VPS reseller hosting that provides greater performance and reliability. The hosting is e-commerce-optimized with super-fast loading speed.

The Cloud powers this VPS hosting with the real-time redundancy. Even if the node experiences any issue, your client’s website will immediately get back online.

Other benefits you get with InMotion reseller hosting includes live-state snapshots, free server management, and root access.

And even with all these features, if you are not satisfied with InMotion, the host offers a 90-day money-back guarantee.

InMotion Features for Reseller Hosting

Free cPanel and WHM

Save $425 a year with free access to cPanel and WHM software. Unlike many other web hosting companies, InMotion does not charge you for the cPanel.

cPanel is the most popular web hosting control panel that has all the tools you need for managing all the accounts that you have hosted.

Likewise, the WHM is the part of cPanel; it allows you to configure and manage the back-end of your hosting.


InMotion provides you WHMCS software. WHMCS is a multipurpose solution for client management, and billing and support. It gives you a detailed overview of all the accounts with details of payment and other information.

eNom free domain seller

With the eNom Domain Reseller account, you can provide your clients with top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, and more.

Multi-layer Defense

InMotion comes with DDoS and malware protection. The host partnered with Corero and Patchman to protect your sites from all kinds of cyber-attacks and hacks.

InMotion Reseller Hosting Pricing

InMotion has both shared and VPS plans for reseller hosting. With a one-time fee, you can jumpstart your reseller hosting business. It starts at as low as $13.99 per month.

With InMotion’s reseller hosting, you get features like free domain, unlimited domain hosting, free SSL, and so forth.

R-1000SR-2000SR-3000SR VPS-1000R VPS-2000R VPS-3000
Starts at: $13.99/moStarts at: $19.99/moStarts at: $27.49/moStarts at: $41.64/moStarts at: $62.84/moStarts at: $89.94/mo
Disk Space: 80 GBDisk Space: 120 GBDisk Space: 160 GBRAM: 4 GB+ RAM: 6 GB+RAM: 8GB+
Free domainFree domainFree domainFree domainFree domainFree domain
Unlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domainsUnlimited domains
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
---Root accessRoot accessRoot access

5. A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting offers top cPanel reseller web hosting solutions at affordable price rates. Widely known as one of the fastest WordPress hosting providers, A2 Hosting uses SSDs web storage, Turbo Servers, and the latest technologies like PHP7, MySQL 5.6/MariaDB, Apache 2.4, FTP/SFTP, and Node.js.

The hosting is quite easy to use with its user-friendly WHM control panel. You can easily and quickly build and manage your client’s cPanel accounts, make and manage hosting packages, activate SSL certificates, and so forth.

A2 Hosting offers 24/7/365 support from its hosting experts. If you are not pleased with the host, you can ask for a refund.

Other benefits you get with A2 reseller WordPress hosting is free account migration, Blesta solution in all plans, free eNom Domain seller account, free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Cloudflare free CDN, four server locations, 10 Gb/s Redundant network, 1 GB physical memory per cPanel user, Reinforced DDoS protection, CloudLinux OS, 24/7 network monitoring, and Softaculous auto-installer.

A2 features for Reseller Hosting

cPanel and WHM Reseller Hosting

A2 uses the user-friendly WebHost Manager (WHM) to manage the reseller accounts. You can choose from WHMCS or Blesta customer management, billing, and support solution on the Silver, Gold, and Platinum reseller hosting. Although the WHMCS is free in three upper-tier* *plans, you have to pay an additional $10 per month for WHMCS Starter in the Bronze plan.

With WHM, you can quickly configure and manage your client’s cPanel accounts, create and manage hosting packages, activate SSL certificates, manage DNS, set up hosting support, and do so much more.

Ultra-reliable and super-fast servers

A2 Hosting uses the screaming-fast SwiftServer platform to host websites. The host uses free SSDs, 29X times faster Turbo servers, and provides an option to choose the server location. With these reliable-servers, you can guarantee your clients with 99.9% uptime and super-fast site loading speed.

eNom Free Domain Seller

You can get an eNom Domain Reseller account to provide your customers with top-level domains like .com, .net, .org, and more.


Consider all the factors like the server cost, bandwidth license cost, and software purchasing cost. You will avoid all these costs and pay the monthly fee of reseller hosting. The cost of the A2 hosting reseller account is quite affordable with the starting price as low as $13.19 per month.

A2 Reseller Hosting Pricing

A2 has four reseller hosting pricing plans starting from $13.19 per month. In the start plan – Bronze, you get 30 GB SSD space with 400 GB bandwidth.

Likewise, Platinum, the highest-tier plan starts at $40.91 per month and offers 200 GB web space and 2000 GB bandwidth.

This WHM control panel-based reseller hosting offers free WHMCS software in Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans.

Starts at: $13.19/moStarts at: $18.47/moStarts at: $24.41/moStarts at: $40.91/mo
Regular Price: $19.99/mo Regular Price: $27.99/mo Regular Price: $36.99/moRegular Price: $61.99/mo
30 GB SSD space75 GB SSD space150 GB SSD space200 GB SSD space
400 GB bandwidth600 GB bandwidth1000 GB bandwidth2000 GB bandwidth
Free SSLFree SSLFree SSLFree SSL
WHM Control PanelWHM Control PanelWHM Control PanelWHM Control Panel

6. GreenGeeks


Like other top players in the hosting industry, GreenGeeks also provides reseller WordPress hosting at wholesale account pricing. It focuses on simple management which eases your tasks while providing hosting services to your clients.

GreenGeeks offers free account migration. So, if you have hosted your account somewhere else and want to move to GreenGeeks, its hosting experts will do that for free.

GreenGeeks scalable hosting plan is something that has attracted a large number of hosting resellers. If you own an account that uses more resources compared to others, you can easily scale your resources to that particular account. You won’t get such flexibility with other hosts out there in the market.

GreenGeeks reseller hosting packages are private white-labeled. What this means is, you can customize DNS with your own nameservers and use your logo and brand name.

Other features of GreenGeeks include WHMCS License, advanced security, and 24/7 reseller support from experts.

GreenGeeks Features for Reseller Hosting

WHMCS License

GreenGeeks comes with WHMCS. It is a client management and billing software solution for online businesses. With this web hosting billing solution, you can manage and automate, and let your clients know about their bills.

Super-fast Performance

GreenGeeks uses the latest technologies with their latest versions. You can expect to get super-fast and top-level performance with this host.

The host uses the latest technologies like SSD RAID-10 for maximum redundancy, latest HTTP version, PHP7, Optimized LiteSpeed web server, and MariaDB database server.

Also, GreenGeeks utilizes one-click free CDN integration, multiple data centers, and PowerCacher caching technology to boost the speed of websites hosted in it.

Scalable computing resources

Being a reseller, there are chances that you may have to expand your business later. GreenGeeks ensures that your account upgrading process is hassle-free. You can add memory or RAM whenever you need it.

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Pricing Plans

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting plans provide great price-value. The cheapest plan costs you $19.95 at the beginning where you can create 10 cPanel accounts. Likewise, the highest-tier plan – Reseller 50 allows you to use 50 cPanel accounts.

With all reseller hosting plans, you get unlimited storage and bandwidth, which is a feature that no other hosts offer you.

Reseller 10Reseller 20Reseller 30Reseller 40Reseller 50
Starting Price: $19.95/moStarting Price: $34.95/moStarting Price: $44.95/moStarting Price: $54.95/moStarting Price: $59.95/mo
Regular Price: $34.95/mo Regular Price: $59.95/mo Regular Price: $79.95/mo Regular Price: $54.95/mo Regular Price: $59.95/mo 
Unlimited storageUnlimited storageUnlimited storageUnlimited storageUnlimited storage
Unlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidthUnlimited bandwidth
10 accounts20 accounts30 accounts40 accounts50 accounts

7. SiteGround


SiteGround – one of the most popular web hosting providers has recently made some changes to reseller hosting. 

The reseller program is not being closed, however, they are shifting their User’s Area and making some changes on how their software will operate. Let me put it in simple words; if you signup for SiteGround’s GoGeek hosting package, you’ll still be able to create separate sites using their new tools.

SiteGround is currently shifting its existing cPanel based hosting to a more innovative and its own software called – Site Tools. In other words, the Reseller hosting will not be available in the future, as their new design and tools allow us to create separate sites for separate users.

You will not have to worry about the confusing credits and discounts that SiteGround used to provide on its reseller hosting packages. You will still get white labeled hosting and your clients will not know it’s being purchased from the host.

SiteGround WordPress hosting packages are full of exciting features including the most general ones as well. With his host, you get free WordPress installation, WordPress auto-updates, free site migration, free SSL, free email, and Cloudflare CDN. The host also offers free daily backups and advanced on-demand backups.

For those who crave for more, SiteGround offers WordPress Super Cacher, 1-click WordPress staging, free WordPress transfer by experts, pre-installed Git for WordPress and so much more. 

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Features

24/7 support

Being a reseller hosting provider, you have to provide support to your clients promptly. SiteGround offers 24/7 support which makes sure you get instant support when you encounter any issue on your client’s websites. 

Powerful Features

SiteGround comes with features like Super Cacher website optimization solution and Cloudflare CDN for faster loading and top-class performance. Besides the free CDN and powerful caching, SiteGround also offers image optimizations, PHP version control, and so much more. 

Security and Updates

SiteGround managed the security of websites at the server and application level. The host automatically updates WordPress and plugins to the latest version. The host makes sure your websites are fully secured. 

SiteGround Reseller Hosting Pricing

You can use both GrowBig and GoGeek plans as a reseller hosting. But, the GoGeek plan is ideal for those who want to use SiteGround as a reseller hosting. The plan lets you host unlimited websites and provides 30 GB of webspace.

Starts atRegular PriceNumber of WebsitesWeb SpaceVisits/month
$11.95/month$34.95/monthUnlimited30 GB~ 100,000 visits/month

8. Liquid Web


Liquid Web – a drastically growing American hosting company offers several options for reseller hosting. You can purchase its VPS or dedicated server and sell shared hosting accounts. Or, you can use its free WHMCS plugin to resell its Cloud VPS or Dedicated hosting. Either way, you can take the benefits of Liquid Web’s reseller hosting. 

Liquid Web has hosting technologies that are second to none. So, the host has the ability to deploy any sized reseller hosting plans. You don’t have to worry even a bit if you have to scale your hosting plans in the future.

A multi-layer DDoS attack prevention system protects its network and servers. The host also comes with a free Standard SSL to protect your clients from cyber-attacks and hacks. 

Moreover, its 100 % uptime guarantee ensures that your client’s sites will remain up and running 24*7. And it has features like a free WHMCS License to automate your billing and management. 

The host comes with 24/7/365 support. So, if you get stuck in any issue, the host is always there to help you get out of the pitfall.

Liquid Web Reseller Hosting Features

Free WHMCS License

Liquid Web hosting comes with WHMCS – a powerful billing and automation software. Every Liquid Web reseller gets WHMCS license for free. With this license, you get complete client management, billing, and support from the host. 

Free WHMCS Plugin

The new WHMCS Plugin allows resellers like you to combine Storm Platform API to sell Liquid Web’s VPS, Dedicated Cloud, and Private Cloud hosting plans. The plugin lets your clients get information related to bandwidth, monitoring information, load balancers, and also management works like rebooting and restoration. 

VPS, Dedicated & Cloud Hosting

Liquid Web offers VPS, Dedicated, and Cloud hosting in its reseller programs. So, you have a lot of options in Liquid Web Reseller hosting plans. The host has the ability to accommodate reseller hosting of any size. 

100 % Uptime Guarantee

Liquid Web guarantees 100% network and power uptime guarantee. And if it fails on its promises, the host comes with 1000% compensation for downtime.

Liquid Web Reseller Hosting Pricing

Liquid Web has several reseller hosting options with different pricing plans. For those who are looking for an affordable option, Cloud VPS and Special Dedicated Servers reselling hosting plans are great options. 

The dedicated servers have features like free backup drive and free Gigabit uplink. Likewise, its Cloud VPS hosting is considered to be the fastest in the hosting industry. The private VPS parent hosting offers a dedicated cloud server with custom VPS packages and control from WHMCS whereas the Cloud Sites hosting plan lets you host unlimited websites with built-in auto-scaling features.

Dedicated ServersCloud VPS HostingPrivate VPS ParentCloud SitesSpecial Dedicated Servers
Starts at: $199/mo.Starts at: $59/mo.Starts at: $159/mo.Starts at: $150/mo.Starts at: $99/mo.
16 GB - 32 GB RAM2 GB - 16 GB RAM16 GB - 128 GB RAMUnlimited site visitors8 GB - 32 GB RAM
480 GB - 960 GB primary disk40 GB - 200 GB SSD disk space2 X 480 GB - 4 X 960 GB SSD50 GB SSD storage2 X 250 GB - 2 X 500 GB SSD
5 TB - 8 TB bandwidth10 TB bandwidthUpto 16 cores @2.1 GHZ1 TB bandwidthFree WHMCS License

9. FlyWheel


FlyWheel lets you partner with it and sell its WordPress hosting under your own brand. To start reselling FlyWheel’s hosting, all you have to do is become a partner with it, set a good margin, and package your services to your clients. 

FlyWheel makes sure its hosting plans are great for agencies for reseller hosting. Its easy-to-use dashboard lets you access all your customers from a single location. The platform is built to give a super-fast performance and top-class security. The host also offers nightly backups. 

On top of that, the world-class support makes sure everything stays alright with your client’s websites. Offering a reseller hosting comes with a lot of challenges for the support. Your clients will expect prompt support; so FlyWheel makes sure you get quick assistance whenever your clients get stuck in troubles.  

FlyWheel Reseller Hosting Features

Powerful Tools

FlyWheel comes with powerful tools that make it a great choice for hosting. The host comes with staging sites to test our changes, has automated nightly backups, and has tonnes of useful tools. 

Top-class Security

FlyWheel provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. You will not have to go to a third party to get an SSL encryption and you don’t have to deal with the hassle of renewing your SSL too. 

The host also makes sure that it provides you and your client websites with hacker-proof security. And even if it gets hacked, the experts at FlyWheel will remove the malware from your site for free. In addition, the host does not require any security plugin and comes with two-factor authentication.

All-in-one Dashboard

You can streamline the managed WordPress Hosting through a single dashboard. You can collaborate with your team and bill customers under your brand.

FlyWheel Reseller Hosting Pricing

FlyWheel comes with three predefined managed WordPress hosting plans and also lets you make a custom plan. The lowest-tier Starter Plan lets you host a single website and is not available for reseller hosting. Other than that, you can use any hosting plans and resell them to your clients.

Upto 10 websitesUpto 30 websites30+ websites
100,000 visits/mo.500,000 visits/mo.Custom visits/mo.
20 GB disk space50 GB disk spaceCustom disk space
200 GB bandwidth500 GB bandwidthCustom bandwidth

Use the Blossom50 coupon code to get 100% off on your first month of any Flywheel plans.

More info on Flywheel Coupon Code here.


Now, you know the elite players of reseller web hosting. We suggest them because they are the best performing hosts.

With these hosts, the servers rarely or never sleep. So, your clients’ websites will remain up and running all the time.

All these hosts offer you benefits like plenty of disk space, bandwidth, domain hosting, white-label feature, updated cPanel control panel, and most importantly, 24/7 expert support.

Which one do you prefer?

Don’t forget to try these best free WordPress hosting. Yeah, you heard it right. It’s free.

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